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The one bit of good news that I got at my doctor’s office today is that I have an upper respiratory infection which doesn’t require any meds besides the usual OTC stuff. I am still pretty darn miserable right now and can’t stop sneezing and blowing my nose so I don’t know if I’ll be able to go to work tomorrow again. This morning I slept through my alarm so I didn’t even call in sick on time. I think I might have taken a wee bit too much Nyquil last night so I was knocked out cold. I’ve been so sick lately which is NOT normal for me. I have another appointment with my primary doctor on Monday so we can go over all my meds and see if anything needs to be changed. Since I finally got health insurance through work, I am going to get back on track with all of my meds so now I need to get myself ready for many rounds of bloodwork–my favorite! NOT! Anyway, I’m just glad I can actually go to the doctor again without it costing me an arm and a leg. Isn’t it sad how having health insurance feels like a treat? Everyone should have affordable health insurance…this topic just pisses me off so much so I’ll just drop it.

So the other day I was looking at some of my Nubars, and I realized that I had never really posted about my very first flaky polish ever: Nubar 2010. Oh the travesty! Let’s take a look at this lovely polish, shall we?

Morgan Taylor Lost In Paradise 1aMorgan Taylor Lost In Paradise 2aNormally, I like to layer Nubar 2010 over a dark base, but today I decided to try it out over Morgan Taylor Lost In Paradise. Have I told you lately how much I love Morgan Taylor Cremes? This one is so incredibly gorgeous!

Nubar 2010 1aNubar 2010 2aThis is two coats of Nubar 2010 over Lost In Paradise. So pretty, right? This makes me wish that I hadn’t missed out on all of the Finger Paints flaky polishes. I’m still not over that one!!!

Tomorrow I have another stamping mani to share with you so I hope that you stop by to check it out. I’m not feeling too hot right now so I’m going to cut this short. Thanks so much for the visit, and I will talk to you soon.

19 thoughts on “Nubar 2010

  1. Guess who’s got the Finger Paints flakies and you dooooooon’t 😛 Anways, this combo is super pretty, I approve. Also I hope you feel better asap. I had an upper respiratory infection too this past thanksgiving so I know how sucky you must feel. Put the polish down and get some rest!
    Frosso recently posted..Zoya NeekaMy Profile

    1. I hate you. 😛 Do you have all of them? I am hoping that these last 3 days of rest will have me up and running for Monday because I just can’t miss anymore work.

  2. I own this polish as well… it was actually my second flakie, and I ordered it to replace my first, which was Essie Shine of the Times. It’s nice, but I really miss the Essie one… the flakes were bigger, and you didn’t need two coats to get good, even coverage. It just had a more apparent effect that was much more eye-catching. But 2010 is a fine alternative! It’s got the same kind of flakies… same color shift. They’re just smaller.

    1. I forgot about Shine Of The Times! I actually do have that one as well and you’re right…it is much nicer. I think the flakes might be a little more intense too, don’t you think?

  3. Omg – I am digging these colors! I must try this polish! I am always trying to find cremes with good formulas. That shot with flakes reminds me of opals.

    Feel better soon!

    1. I didn’t think it was going to look as cool because this nubar really explodes with awesomeness when you put it over a dark base, but I really ended up liking it here.

  4. Nubar 2010 was also my first flakie polish, and I also like to put it over a dark base. However, you have completely changed my mind. GOODNESS GRACIOUS, THIS IS GORGEOUS. I love it and will be copying it.
    Fingerpaints came out with new flakies recently. I saw them at Sally’s…and I think they’re two for one right now. Go git you some!

    1. I’m gonna burst your bubble, but those new flakies are gross. Totally not worth it. 🙁 I got excited because I missed the first flakies they put out, but the swatches I have seen are all disappointing. Oh well, better for my wallet.

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