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Happy Tuesday everyone! Well, not that happy because I’ve had a rough day today, but it is what it is. Last night I decided to use some of my Orly Nail Rescue to fix my one broken nail so it just feels strange because it seems thick like when I used to wear acrylic nails. Ghhaaa! I wore acrylic nails for years, and that helped me kick the habit of biting my nails and cuticles so I will forever be grateful to them.  I can’t even imagine wearing acrylic nails now!!! Anyway, let’s move on before I ramble too much. Today I have 3 polishes from the KBShimmer Summer Collection for 2013 to share with you. I am glad to be sharing these with you today because this month, KBShimmer is celebrating their 5th anniversary! This is my very first time trying out KBShimmer so I am super duper excited to share my thoughts with you. Let’s take a look at these beauties, shall we?

KBShimmer Blinded By The Bright 1KBShimmer Blinded By The Bright 2KBShimmer Blinded By The Bright is what I wished my nails looked like when I would use my yellow hi-lighter over white-out during a particularly boring class.  I am sure I was not the only one to do this…right??? Anyway, when I first saw Blinded By The Bright, I groaned a little because I figured that the base color is so bright that I would need a billion coats for full opacity. Well, I got pretty good results after the second coat! I didn’t really need the third coat, but I applied it anyway to smooth out the color.


KBShimmer Totally Tubular 1KBShimmer Totally Tubular 2Be still my beating hear! For a blue/teal lover such as myself, I gasped when I first saw KBShimmer Totally Tubular.  Not only is the color amazeballs, but the formula is pretty darn fantastic. It was very easy to apply and I had no problems getting good even glitter coverage! As much as I like glitter, I always dread having to fish for glitter so I was happy that I didn’t have this issue with Totally Tubular.


KBShimmer The Dancing Green 1KBShimmer The Dancing Green 2Lastly, I have KBShimmer The Dancing Green. Freaking A I love this one too! I love the gorgeous green base even if it was a little thinner compared to Totally Tubular. Once again, the formula was super easy to work with and it had fantastic and even glitter distribution…and no fishing!

Well, ladies and gents, I can tell you that my first experience with KBShimmer has been pretty darn great and I can’t wait to show you some offerings from their upcoming Fall collection…you are going to DIE. And in order to properly enable you, KBShimmer is having a 20% off SALE from August 8th to August 14th. Shipping deals begin on August 15th. What are you waiting for? Also, don’t forget to follow KBShimmer on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and their website for all their latest news. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I will talk to you soon!


8 thoughts on “KBShimmer Summer 2013 Collection

  1. I love the green polish (excuse me for forgetting the name). I’ve bought KBShimmer before but never used the polish because I dropped it & it broke before I could use it. So, with the celebratory anniversary sale, I bought exactly the same polish. Woohoo! I can’t wait for my polish to arrive.

    1. Omg, that almost made me shed a tear. I’ve only broken one bottle of nail polish before and it was kind of ugly so I didn’t get too upset. If I had broken a brand new and pretty bottle, I would have been so sad. 🙁 However, I’m glad that you were able to pick up a new one during the sale so all is well in the universe once more. 😀

  2. I went through an acrylics phase, too. I’m not entirely sure why. I guess I thought you get better mileage than with just polish and that they’d look nice at a longer length than my natural nails do. I totally cringe now if I see a photo where I had them…French tip acrylics, ooo, I was so fancy (barf). Now I keep ’em short and keep ’em weird, hahaha.
    Ooo, white out AND highlighter, look at you, overachieving! I think I was one or the other, haha.
    I am quite impressed that Blinded by the Bright was only two coats, three just because!
    And of course you get my two favorites from the summer collection! Totally Tubular was my immediate favorite, and I told myself I don’t need any more colors that color, so then I talked myself into liking the green one because it’s kind of different for me. And NOW you have a coupon code! Must…resist! *runs away*
    I’m glad you liked your first foray into KB Shimmer! 😉 *OK, really runs away now*

    1. LOL! I had french tip acrylics too. I remember that the last time I wore them, I was on a trip with my cousin. We jumped off the train in Florence and I had my heavy bag that I was trying to pull off the train. Well, it slipped through my hands and my nails were casualties–they bent back and snapped off below the smile line. Then there was blood dripping from my fingers. Nice. After that, I didn’t want anything to do with acrylics.

      I don’t blame you for wanting the green and the teal polishes cause they are kind of fantastic. I lurve them.

      1. UGH, acrylic casualties are horrific! They hurt like a mofo. I had it happen a few times with my dog being an a-hole when we were out on walks. Yours sounds quite catastrophic.

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