Essie Leggy Legend Collection Fall 2015

So this post has been in the works for like 3 weeks, I think. I don’t really have an excuse except that I’ve just been feeling super blah about blogging. After close to 4 years, part of me thinks that I’m nearing the end of my blogging adventure. Lately I have felt almost resentful for the amount of time that I spend on this blog to the detriment of my personal life. When I don’t blog for a while, it’s almost like I have my life back and do much more for myself. I haven’t made a decision to just stop, so for now I will continue to blog when I feel like it without putting any pressure on myself. For today’s post, I have the Essie Leggy Legend Collection for Fall 2015. It’s a very typical fall collection so let me show you my swatches before I tell you what I thought about it overall.

Essie With The Band 1Essie With The Band 2Essie With The Band

Essie In The Lobby 1Essie In The Lobby 2Essie In The Lobby

Essie Color Binge 1Essie Color Binge 2Essie Color Binge

Essie Leggy Legend 1Essie Leggy Legend 2Essie Leggy Legend

Essie Frock 'n Roll 1Essie Frock 'n Roll 2Essie Frock ‘n Roll

Essie Bell-Bottom Blues 1Essie Bell-Bottom Blues 2Essie Bell-Bottom Blues

I really wanted to like this collection but nope. There is nothing wrong with it, but it just does not catch my attention nor does it excite me. One great thing about this collection is that the formulation on all of them is pretty great which we all know can be hit and miss when it comes to Esssie. The shade I was really looking forward to is Essie Bell-Bottom Blues because of the pink/purple flash that was apparent in the bottle, but sadly it disappears once it’s on the nail. If I had to recommend one polish from this collection, it would be Esssie Frock ‘n Roll because it’s interesting and very fall-appropriate. So what do you think about this collection? Have you picked up any of these shades? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

9 thoughts on “Essie Leggy Legend Collection Fall 2015

  1. I like the blue, but I already have similar shades. I’m looking for a nice plum/deep rich purple for fall. Do you have any recommendations?

  2. I was gifted the mini set and like frock n roll as well. Leggy legend has also grown on me, not something i usually go for but it is a fun accent nail!

  3. Sometimes I also feel like I’d have a lot more time to just be myself again if I stopped caring so much about my nails. I got into polish to stop biting my nails, and it worked for about two years, but I’ve been falling off the wagon lately. I don’t feel much like me anymore and I miss the days where I could just wear one polish for a week, not caring about chips, or just not all all. It sounds kind of ridiculous, but do you feel me? Beautiful swatches, though! I agree, this collection doesn’t really get my heart racing, so I’ll be passing on most of them. Except for Frock n Roll, maybe!

  4. If you feel like you’re more in balance when you’re not blogging, please honor that balance. Overall, this collection isn’t that exciting but I do like Bell-Bottom Blues. I’d for sure get that one. Thank-you for the beautiful swatches. 🙂

  5. So I obviously just mixed up my comments on your posts so I’ll just leave my WM comment here LOL. WOW those KBShimmer colors look so rich. Your marble came out awesome you are too hard on yourself.

    And I need more sleep because I can’t work the internet correctly haha.
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