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Let me tell you that I had a very interesting Sunday because the power went out at around 8ish in the morning and ended up not coming back on until like 7:30. It’s crazy how much we depend on electricity, right? Apparently the power company was upgrading some equipment and a notice had gone out last week, but I never got it. The power was supposed to be down from 8-4 but that wasn’t good enough so they tacked n another 3.5 hours just for shits and giggles. Ugh!!! Anyway, the one thing I learned was that I need to be better prepared with things like flashlights and candle in case there is ever a real emergency and the power is out for an extended period of time. I am glad that I got a lot of swatching done on Saturday because Sunday was pretty much lost. I went out to run some errand but considering it starts getting dark by 4:30, it was useless being home. So besides power outages, I do have some polish to share with you.  I am excited to be sharing these with you because this is the first time I try Delush Polish. Big shocker, right? I feel like there are so many amazing brands out there that I just haven’t had a chance to try so I can cross Delush off that list now. Delush Polish The Nue Collection is a collaboration between Delush and Nue Magazine which is a fashion-focused publication. When I first saw the colors, I have to admit I wasn’t that excited but once I started swatching them, it was like they came alive. Let me show you my swatches before I tell you what I think of them.

Delush Polish Eat Sleep Chic 1Delush Polish Eat Sleep Chic 2Delush Polish Eat Sleep Chic

Delush Polish Gilded Diva 1Delush Polish Gilded Diva 2Delush Polish Gilded Diva

Delush Polish Trendsetter 1Delush Polish Trendsetter 2Delush Polish Trendsetter

Delush Polish Nue Girl 1Delush Polish Nue Girl 2Delush Polish Nue Girl

Delush Polish Glam Squad 1Delush Polish Glam Squad 2Delush Polish Glam Squad

Delush Polish In Nude We Trust 1Delush Polish In Nude We Trust 2Delush Polish In Nude We Trust

Delush Polish Dotticure 1Delush Polish Dotticure 2Here I was just playing around with three of the shades for this dotticure. I love dots so I just went for it!

This being my first experience with Delush, I have to tell you that I loved the quality of the polishes. The formula on all of them was perfection. The only one that gave me a slight problem was Eat Sleep Chic because I got some slight bubbling, but that was totally my fault because I overworked it a bit. All of these polish have a satiny finish and I decided not to top coat them because I loved the finish.

The collection will be launching together with Delush’s Holidaze Winter Collection on Wednesday 26th November at Noon est time along with the Black Friday sales! Full sizes will be available individually for $8.95 each or save with ordering the entire collection at the discounted price of $48. Minis will be available in small quantities.

Are you ready for some Delush promotions?

– Free Shipping for all orders over $50 on No code required, applies to U.S. Domestic orders only. Runs from 11/26 -12/31

– Two Free Full Size Polishes with a $60+ Purchase! Just leave a note with your color choices in your order. Order must reach $60 total after all promotional codes have been applied, does not include shipping. All other scratch your heart out promotions are suspended during this time. Runs from 11/26 -12/1

– Free Snowflake Glitter! The first 50 orders will receive a small bag of snowflake glitters to be able to use with their winter nail art!

Don’t miss out on this collection and all the promos!  What do you think about this collection? Let me know in the comments what you think! Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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8 thoughts on “Delush Polish The Nue Collection

  1. Some of these look frosty and like the kind of polishes that I would struggle with brush strokes, but they don’t look brush strokey at all! I like In Nude We Trust and Nue Girl the most. Not a fan of blues, so totally personal choice. Also, here in South Africa we have something called load shedding where they give us all turns not to have electricity because they can’t get their shit together and fix the supply. This weekend we were off both Saturday and Sunday and it isn’t the first time this month. I feel your pain.
    acidicice recently posted..Savage Nail JunkieMy Profile

    1. You know what? I also thought these were going to be frosty at first, but they are actually more of a metallic/satin finish. They don’t show brushstrokes at all. I really loved them. I didn’t think I was going to love In Nude We Trust but I freaking love it! Oh man…now I feel like a baby about not having power for half a day. Fortunately it doesn’t happen very often in this area so we’re not used to it. Sorry you have that happen so often. 🙁

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