Cyber Monday Shopping

Hey guys! I know a lot of you do a lot of shopping during Black Friday but not me.  I tend to do most of my shopping during Cyber Monday just because I do not like to deal with crowds and prefer to shop at my leisure. Whenever I am shopping online, I always use Ebates to check to see how much cash back I can get. I normally don’t write posts like this, but I know that a lot of people don’t know about Ebates and you can definitely earn some serious cash back throughout the year. I would only really share something like this if I know it works. Now, I do have a referral link. You can use it if you want to, or you can sign up directly through their website. If you use my referral link, it supports this site and me, but of course I just want you to save money so it’s completely up to you. If you don’t know how Ebates works, here is a little crash course:

ebates1So basically you just go to the Ebates website, look for the store you want to shop at and you will find out if the store is offering cash back and what percentage. You click through to the stores website and once you make a purchase, you will start earning cash back! It’s so simple. If you want to sign up through my referral link, click here.

I think that I’m biting the bullet and might possibly be purchasing a TV or a fridge tomorrow so I hope that I can find some awesome deals. Are you on the market for some big ticket items? What are you hoping to snag during these holiday sales?

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