China Glaze I’m Not Bitter

I wasn’t planning on doing any blogging for a while for a few reasons, but I decided to just throw that idea out the window because I realized that whenever I am stressed or having a rough time, I can usually just escape into the color-filled world of nail polish for a while. All of my current problems/stressors have solutions. Every single one of them. I think that it’s important to remind yourself that most problems have solutions because we always need a healthy dose of perspective in our lives. I was looking through my stash and decided to use one of my untrieds: China Glaze I’m Not Bitter.

China Glaze I'm Not Bitter

China Glaze I’m Not Bitter is another scorching red from the 2005 Voodoo, That U Do Collection. I can’t tell you enough how amazing this shimmery and glowy red is. It applies like a dream, and it is the perfect one-coater!! Unfortunately, this polish was discontinued long ago, but the good news is that it is still available online at a few online retailers. And in case you were wondering, the formula is NOT big 3 free. China Glaze describes this as a beet red shimmer, and that is a perfect description.

Dwight Beets

Being that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away, I decided to make this a festive type of manicure.

China Glaze I'm Not Bitter Konad M79 I used a design from Konad plate M79 and Konad special white polish. I don’t know about you, but this looks like pretty wrapping paper. I always enjoy wrapping presents, don’t you?

China Glaze I'm Not Bitter Konad M79 Hex Holo GlitterBecause I wanted a little more bling, I applied silver holographic hex glitter over the dots. It doesn’t look that interesting under these lighting conditions, but it looks amazing under sunlight when all the holo shines.

On a previous post, I wrote about New Year’s Resolutions and the like. I’m not really making any but I do have a few goals for next year. I stumbled upon a blog about travel last night and all of a sudden I was so bummed out because I haven’t been on a trip in eons. (Btw, the travel blog I mentioned is called Traveling Latina and she is hosting a giveaway for a $25 Walmart gc so check it out!) I spent my early 20’s pretty much going anywhere I wanted to because I spent a year studying abroad and then ended up working for the airlines for a few years after that. The one place I would kill to go to right now is Florence. Looking back, I think I have made about 10 separate trips to Florence and I never tire of it. Maybe it’s because I am a huge lover of Renaissance art and architecture, but it’s probably more due to the fact that it was the first city in Italy that I ever visited. When I think back on that first trip, I always laugh because it was really a comedy of errors. Daniel and I had finished up the semester and he called me to see what I was going to do that night. I told him that I wanted to take a trip and he said he would come with me so we packed a bag and an hour later we were at the train station looking at all the scheduled departures. We had no idea where to go so we just took the next available train which was going to Italy. I won’t get into all the shenanigans that happened during our stay in Florence because, frankly, it’s embarrassing. When we were ready to leave, we randomly decided to go visit our friend who was in Aix-en-Provence for the year…well, that was another nightmare. We had to take multiple trains to get to Aix. Since our train was delayed in Milan, we almost missed our train going to Marseille. Daniel never forgets how we were running like maniacs through the station trying to make the train which was about to depart. By the time we made it to the platform, it had started to pull away so we literally did a miraculous flying leap onto a moving train. Why we didn’t kill ourselves right then and there, I will never know. I wish that had been the end of our mishaps, but then something else happened: my wallet was stolen.

If you’ve never really been on a train for a long trip, you’re really missing out because it’s just such a cool experience. Daniel and I ended up in a 6 person compartment by ourselves so we were just enjoying getting some rest. He decided to go to the dining cart and left me alone while I slept. I was startled awake and I saw a kid walking out of our compartment and I asked him what he was doing. He mumbled that he was looking to see if there were any empty seats but he kept walking out.I was so groggy that I didn’t think much of it so I went back to sleep. When we finally got to Marseille, I wanted to buy something to eat and that’s when I realized that my wallet was gone. I was fuming and poor Daniel got to experience my misplaced wrath because I blamed him for leaving me alone while I slept since I suspected that kid stole my wallet. We had to catch one last train from Marseille to Aix which was just less than 30 minutes away. When we finally got to Aix it was late at night and the train station was about to close. I told Daniel to call our friend since we didn’t have her address. He didn’t have her phone number because his phone’s battery had died and he forgot the charger. The train station closes and we are kicked out into the street with our loaded backpacks and me without any money. I was tired, annoyed and on the verge of tears when our friend walked by the train station with a couple of her friends. It was the most random thing ever so all things ended up well.

So why did I blab on and on for eons about Italy and traveling? Because one of the things I am looking forward to next year is to go on a trip to Italy. I don’t know how I’m going to do it. I may have to sell my soul to the devil for it, but I will go on my trip!!!! What are some of your favorite travel destinations? Thanks for stopping by and talk to you later!

P.S. Have you entered my giveaway? This is the last week so don’t miss out on the chance to win some awesome prizes!

Disclosure: All items featured in this post were purchased by me.


37 thoughts on “China Glaze I’m Not Bitter

  1. This entry made me smile.

    It reminded me of a trip we had to venice.
    italians trains are always.. all the timeee..
    so we had to take the train from the city we used to live to Milano (2 hrs) we had like 1 hr and then we had to take the train to Venice.

    we almost missed it.. we were running like hell, because the train from Genoa arrived on platform 1 and the train to venice were departing from platform 20..
    we were staying like 5 days, so our backpacks were heavy and we were running like hell through the station yelling in advance like

    and people were running like hell behind us too.. the train was almost running and the guy so us screaming like WAAAAAIIITTT.. ASPEETTTAAAAAAARE

    that the train stopped and we were like NAAAILED.
    and walked like 30 minutes to get to our seats

    ohh Cynthia I miss Italy SO f. much.. i love italy, i’ve never been to florence. I am def going next year.!
    mariaemmafaria recently posted..Neon FishtailMy Profile

    1. Ugh…I miss it so much too even though I didn’t live there. Sometimes I wish I had studied in Italy instead of France. I might have had a better time. hahaha

      Omg, the trains were my favorite part of going anywhere. A week before I was supposed to go back home from France, I decided that I wanted to spend my last week in Italy so I went to the train station. While I was waiting, this lady came up to me and she was crying and was asking me if I spoke Spanish. She said she was from Ecuador and that someone had brought her over to work in France but somehow she had gotten lost. I had no idea what to do to help her. I almost gave her the keys to my apartment so she could stay there while I was in Italy! lol I gave her some money but that’s all I did. I wish I had been able to help her more but who knows if everything she told me was true. I still wonder about her! It seems that running to catch a train is something super common for us. lol When are you going on your trip?
      Cynthia recently posted..Sation BYOBottleMy Profile

      1. IDK yet! we were planning a trip on early may, to catch part of the spring.. but then the lollapalooza chile line un came up: pearl jam, queens of the stone age, black keys, a perfect circle, franz ferdinand.. (do i have to keep telling you the bands?).. and we were all like: ci vediamo a dopo europa, hola chile!!.. so.. we have to save the money again!!
        mariaemmafaria recently posted..Neon FishtailMy Profile

  2. I Love this Mani!!!! Looks like I may become a stamping fool soon, because this is A-Must-Have!
    As far as a great, memorable & equally as wreckless trip that I loved was with my sister-n-law on a cruise. Us being girls & all we had such an inexpensively great time because all the guys wanted to flirt so we took advantage of it. Everything (all excursions) we enjoyed for free. We rode jet skies all day, had a harbor tour on a catamaran the next day, had a private hot springs tour the following & so on! Best darn trip!!!! Nothing like girl power!!

    1. You should totally start stamping up a storm. I always say that stamping is the easiest way to take a mani to the next level. πŸ™‚ Ahhhh…your trip sounds super fun. Belive it or not, I have never been on a cruise. I don’t know how I would react being on a ship. I hear it’s all about the food and drinking…my type of trip! lol
      Cynthia recently posted..Sation BYOBottleMy Profile

  3. What a great story! I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe and now that I’m getting older I worry that life will get in the way of things like that. I’m so often just content to be a home body that its amazing I do anything at all some times. But really, what an adventure… and the coincidence of running into JUST the person you came to see in your hour of desperation.

    Btw, this ChG looks suspiciously similar to Zoya Elisa… which I’m wearing right this moment. Exactly why I’m reluctant to buy reds, they all look the same! And thank you for the Office reference, Dwight is my fave. πŸ™‚
    Jessica recently posted..Illamasqua Cameo + Goooooooold!My Profile

    1. Ehhh…there is always time to take trips like that. Even though I haven’t gone to Europe since 2003 (omg it hurt to type that), I know that I can go if I put my mind to it. Yesterday I made my friend promise to go next year. I am super serious about going around this time next year. We have never really traveled together even though we’ve been friends since elementary school, but I’m sure it will be fine. My other friend who has gone to Europe with me will probably go too so it’s going to be lots of fun times. I attract trouble like a magnet so I know that I will have tons of stories. To this day, I still tell people it was all Daniel’s fault and he still gets annoyed with me. HE WILL NEVER LIVE IT DOWN.

      I don’t think I have Zoya Elisa…must look it up now. Lately I have been super obsessed with reds so I can never get my fill.
      Cynthia recently posted..Sation BYOBottleMy Profile

  4. This is one of my favorite holiday manis that I’ve seen lately! The red is so glowy and perfect for the season and I love the stamping and little holo flecks. It does look like wrapping paper! Plus, the fact that Dwight can be tied in is just a win all around!
    In more life-related commentary, it was kind of soothing to read that all problems have solutions. I’ve been going through a lot of crap recently and it’s nice just to take a step back for a simple perspective. The solutions may be complicated and I may not want to deal with them, but they exist.
    Also funny that you mention traveling because I’ve been thinking today about how I need to take more steps toward adding enjoyment to my life. I saw a local production of The Nutcracker last night and it made me kind of sad when it started. I remember enjoying performing when I was a musician and feel like I don’t have the luxury in my life to enjoy hobbies/interests like that anymore because so many problems are in the way. I need to change that and was thinking that taking more trips would be one way to do so. I’d love to see more of Europe, but if that isn’t financially possible, at least visit my friends within the state more. I’ve been thinking (especially this week, unfortunately) that we don’t know how much time we have, so I need to be getting more happiness out of life now and stop waiting for it to happen someday.
    Anyway, that’s way too serious, haha. Although it is another argument to stop spending as much $ on nail polish so that I can use the money toward other things! πŸ˜‰

    1. You know, it’s like I’ve had all these epiphanies lately. I am sick of being so stuck and afraid to be happy. I always let fear dictate how I live my life and it’s just so tiring. I can either keep being miserable, or I can take the steps to live life on my own terms. One of my main “issues” has always been anxiety. Now that I just tell myself that everything in life has a solution (besides death), things have just started to fall into place. It’s such a great feeling! Yes, sometimes the solutions are hard work and can be complicated as you said, but we are so worth the work!! πŸ™‚

      I think that ever since I stopped spending so much money on nail polish, I have actually been able to save! OMG…savings…that word feels so foreign to me after this past year of polish binges.
      Cynthia recently posted..Sation BYOBottleMy Profile

  5. I think you just inspired me to pull out my plates and stamp for the first time! I really never use red very much and I don’t even know why……I want to complement you on your post. I loved reading it, so I guess that makes you a good writer! I am not a blogger, just love to read, so I know a good writer when I read one. I can’t agree about Florence, though, as Rome owns my heart. Florence doesn’t have as much trees and greenery; all that stone gets to me! Lol.

    1. Awww…yay! I love stamping so much as you can tell. Thank you so much about your compliments on my writing. I am kind of a spaz, and I’m not as careful as I should be with my grammar and punctuation so that’s something I need to work on. I like to think that my random stories are what make my blog a little different. πŸ™‚ It means a lot to me that you enjoy reading it!

      Ahhhh…we can agree to disagree. lol I have been to Rome many times as well and I just can’t really like it. I mean, it’s gorgeous when it comes to architecture and history, but it feels so impersonal. Maybe it’s just because it’s such a huge city while Florence is so tiny. Either way, I want to go back to visit both places! πŸ™‚
      Cynthia recently posted..Sation BYOBottleMy Profile

  6. OMG…

    The exact thing happened to my cousin and I in Prauge. Except we caught the kids in the act and managed to chase them off. They are so brazen, those thiefs.

    Also, love the look. So pretty.

    1. We must seriously have “TOURIST” stamped on our forehead for this stuff to happen so often. lol I’m glad you were able to catch them because it was such a pain in the ass to get everything back. The crazy thing is that a week after I got back to Paris, I got a call from my counselor at school asking me to come see him. When I got there, he told me that he had gotten a call from someone in Germany who had found my wallet with my student ID in it. Of course all my cards and cash were gone so I just told them I didn’t care and to trash it. My wallet had quite a trip!
      Cynthia recently posted..Sation BYOBottleMy Profile

  7. I want to start off saying that I am in love with that mani, super cute and you’re right it does look like wrapping paper. Reading this story about studying abroad makes me want to do that so bad! Ugh! I’m trying to make it happened, but I’m worried I won’t get into the program, and all that jazz. But I know that wasn’t the smoothest travel you had and you did have some mishaps but it’s a great story to share. I hope to be as lucky as you and get to study abroad.
    Beauty on a College Budget recently posted..Holiday Outfit IdeasMy Profile

    1. Are you trying to go through a particular program to study abroad or is it just whatever your university offers? What country do you want to go to? There are tons of programs out there for different countries–especially if you want to go to Europe since that is the most popular destination. Let me know if you have any questions I might be able to answer. I hope you do get to study abroad because it has been the single most eye-opening experience of my life.
      Cynthia recently posted..Sation BYOBottleMy Profile

      1. I go to temple university so I’m hoping to get into temple rome. What worries me is my advisor said there’s a lot of competition to get into the program so don’t be upset if I do make it. She suggest I do a summer session. I might if I don’t get in for a semester. I will definitely remember to ask you if I get in. I won’t find out till the end of the spring semester since I can’t even apply yet.
        Beauty on a College Budget recently posted..My First Lush Haul!!My Profile

        1. Yeah, sometimes certain programs are super competitive. Have you taken a few years of Italian? That usually helps. Well, I hope it all goes well and that you get in. Even a summer session would be amazing. πŸ™‚ Good luck with everything!

  8. You always have the most interesting blog posts!!! I usually just look at the pictures and read the names and brief thoughts on formulas… but yours are a treat to read! That red is GORGEOUS!!! You really captured Christmas wrapping paper with this one. I was thinking I want to travel in 2013 as well, I cant decide on weather I want the beach to relax, or a place to do fun things, or a place to see great things… A friend and I were going to go to Chile to visit my family and then over to Machu Picchu, but that probably wont work out any more. So I was thinking either Ireland, Hawaii, or a quick euro trip. Any suggestions?
    Amy recently posted..Twelve Nails of Christmas: Day 3My Profile

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you enjoy reading not just about nail polish on my site, but about me. πŸ™‚

      Freaking A…that Chile trip would be amazing. I would kill to go to Peru! I am a little afraid of how strenuous it would be to do the whole Machi Picchu thing since I need to be in better physical shape. I bet I would be the first one to die from altitude sickness. lol That’s too bad that you won’t be able to go, but your other possible destinations sound pretty fun. Honestly, I think my favorite and most awesome trip was to North Africa. I don’t know if I can recommend those destinations anymore just because of political/religious unrest but I would kill to go back. Morocco was definitely my favorite. I think that if you want to relax, you can’t go wrong with some kind of tropical beach-y destination. πŸ™‚
      Cynthia recently posted..Sation BYOBottleMy Profile

  9. this mani is gorgeous!!!! I can so tell how beautiful that shimmer in that red is, and the stamp well you are the stamping expert, just makes it perfect! I love this, your post also makes me want to travel, I cannot tell you the last time we took a trip either :/ (p.s. I jsut sent you a guest post let me know if you use it πŸ™‚ )
    Amanda (mae) recently posted..NOTD 95 – Alice, The Little Drummer Boy?My Profile

    1. Thanks, my dear! I did get it and I emailed you back which you probably already saw. I will let you know in advance when I plan to post it. I think everyone needs a little more travel time in their life! πŸ™‚
      Cynthia recently posted..Sation BYOBottleMy Profile

  10. Ohhhh nooooo…I’ve had my credit card # stolen twice and that made me going king kong angry so I can’t imagine having your wallet physically stolen off of you…and in a foreign country >.< The only place I've been fortunate enough to visit has been Greece, 3 times, only because of my family..I can't afford that on my own! Other than that my own traveling has been to Canada, around the states and my last trip was 2 summers ago to the dominican. I used to take mini road trips with my bestie allll the time, but now even just doing that is impossible because we're always broke. I love traveling though…i'm not a fan of the actual train/boat/airplane..I just like to get to my destination. I don't mind long car trips though, as long as they're with the right people. But given the opportunity I would love to travel anywhere (with the exception of a few not so safe places).
    I'd love to go on a road trip with Dwight…take a tour of all the middle american beet farms πŸ˜›
    P.S. I love the extra bling on your mani!
    Frosso recently posted..In Memory of Sandy HookMy Profile

    1. I’ve never been to Greece but I’m dying to go. It’s one of those places in the world that has so much history that my brain would explode. I really am a total nerd when I travel. I get all ready with my Lonely Planet guides or my my favorite DK Eyewitness guides. lol I read all of those before going to a new place and suddenly I think I’m an expert. It sucks when our grown up life doesn’t let us do all sorts of fun things. I am actually pretty crazy when it comes to travel…I’m sure I’ve mentioned going to North Africa alone before. hahaha One time, I was in Morocco with one of my friends and there was a bombing in Casablanca the day after we left….yeah, probably not the safest choices in the world.

      I actually really enjoy the plane/train/car part of traveling. I guess the plane rides didn’t bother me so much since I got used to traveling in business/first class when I worked for the airlines. Now I will be stuck in coach again….*shuddering*
      Cynthia recently posted..Sation BYOBottleMy Profile

  11. I thought I commented on this one! Hmm… anyway, I love the little glitters!! Those are so perfect and I just love this mani! It looks like ornaments to me, but understated, not like all gawdy from Pier One or anything. Love them!! πŸ™‚ Also- I like how you have to disclose when you buy something yourself because you’ve been so lucky getting PR samples!! Woo hoo!! πŸ˜‰
    Nicole recently posted..Quick and Easy Snowflake NailsMy Profile

    1. Haha…Pier One ornaments. Some of their stuff is just over the top! I do have some ornaments that kind of look like my nails! My tree is looking pathetic and sad because I decided not to buy any gifts this year because of the whole broke and jobless thing. haha Plus, my parents aren’t coming to spend Christmas with us this year so that makes me kinda sad even though I always complain when they are here. πŸ˜›

      Omg, about the disclosure. I was reading the FTC guidelines and I don’t want to be like…”derp, derp…I didn’t know about them.” Did you know that if you ever use a product that was a sample again in another post, you have to put that disclosure again? I didn’t know that! I am just going to add the disclosure to every post now so I get in the habit of doing it. I doubt anyone is looking at my puny blog but I just want to be on the up and up.

  12. “All of my current problems/stressors have solutions. Every single one of them. I think that it’s important to remind yourself that most problems have solutions because we always need a healthy dose of perspective in our lives.” –> very true! Such a good reminder. Thank you!

    I’ve always wanted to go to India. How I don’t know. Maybe one day.

    I love the mani you did! Even with the stamp on! It’s gorgeous! Red really looks awesome on you!!!

    My goal for 2013 is to focus on myself more and my relationship with Gideon. I’ve let too many people in this year that’s destroyed me by choice as I allow it. I get caught up trying to find a best friend & when I find a friend I get caught up in that person so I’d just like to make 2013 right with G. So 2013 is my free flow year, I will stand and let the wind blow me what I need. I also want to focus more on getting a good job (receptioning for doctor at the hospital maybe), something low key that will give me a chance. That’s all my “resolutions”. I just call them focus points.

    1. I think those are really great goals and I’m sure that you can achieve ever single one of them. Sometimes it’s hard to see that things aren’t as bad as they seem because the solutions seem so difficult. I am making a big commitment to myself to not put so much pressure on myself and left things happen. I mean, I’m not going to just lay back and watch bad things happen without doing anything about it, but I am not going to drive myself crazy trying to control things that are out of my control. This is a huge step for me because I am a serious control freak.

      1. I’m going to work hard to achieve it all. Not that I don’t work hard but I’m really going to try living for myself this year. Stop waiting on someone else to be good enough when it suits them and to let go when things don’t go as they’re “supposed” to or as I saw in my head.
        I need to let go and live.
        I was doing SO well with this in 2011 (living for me) and then this year, I let the worst person in and BAM I go back to living and pleasing everyone else.
        Siobhan recently posted..Silver Gel Pen SwatchMy Profile

  13. You know, I don’t buy anything other than OPI, but your blog has really inspired me to branch out! And I can’t wait to try this!

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