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As I near the end of my first workweek with my new schedule, I can say that it has made a huge difference. Waking up at 6 is infinitely more manageable than waking up at 3:45 even if I still want to murder someone when my alarm rings. Things have been pretty hectic at work lately so I have been feeling kind of stressed, but I’m trying to put it all behind me as soon as I walk out of the office. I think we all deserve a break from work stress but if you’re like me, it’s hard to make a clean break and not let work stuff affect your outside life. I am reaching the point where I just need to stop thinking about work altogether and just enjoy my new schedule.

Today I have Butter London Sprog to share with you. While I was not initially wowed by the color since I feel I have quite a few similar colors, the formula really was out of this world.

Butter London Sprog 1

Butter London Sprog 2

When I see colors like Butter London Sprog, I always assume that the formula is going to be problematic because pastels-type colors can be difficult to work with–especially if they get chalky. Well, the formula on Sprog is fantastic: it is buttery, smooth, highly pigmented and incredibly self leveling. I only needed to apply two coats for full opacity and it dried super glossy. Ahhh…I love it!

Do you have any favorite Butter London shades? How do you like Sprog? For more information on Butter London, make sure you follow them on Facebook, Twitter and check out their website. Well, friends…I am getting ready for some major swatchathons…and by major I mean I have like 30-some polishes to swatch. While this may sound fun to some of you, I’m thinking my fingers may fall off. hahaha I am definitely excited about showing you guys tons of new stuff especially because I have some great Fall polishes! Ahhh…my life is polish! Anyway, thank you so much for all your continued support. I am reaching a lot of milestones in my blogging adventure, and it’s all because of people like you who continue to visit despite my craziness. I hope that you all enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.  Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!



25 thoughts on “Butter London Sprog

    1. I don’t even know where to start at this point. I have so many polishes to swatch and I took a break yesterday but now have to continue. Arrrggg! I just need to bite the bullet and swatch 20 polishes a day for 2 days. hahaha

  1. I like Snog, er, Sprog the name more than anything. I’m so ghetto fab, I seriously don’t even own ONE BL! I almost bought Disco Biscuit last week on Amazon, but ended up getting stamping stuff and hair chalk instead. The Hair chalk was for my kiddo btw. That was a stupid idea. I usually have fun applying pastels as well :/ It took me a minute to get AMMCFO not to be streaky. I think I got it though, can’t wait to see your opinion! I wont link bomb, but you should entre my new giveaway on the blawg 🙂
    Tami Willis recently posted..The Devil Wears Polish < (that's me!) Holo Swatches + A Giveaway!My Profile

    1. 🙂 Uhm, you need BL in your life…even just to try it out. I remember wanting Disco Biscuit until I realized how sheer it is. OOOhhh…I can’t wait to try AMMCFO. 🙂

  2. Really pretty. It looks like Essie Lapis of Luxury which I have & love. If you have the Essie, are they dupes?

    1. You must remedy this!! lol I really like BL so I highly recommend these polishes. Formulawise, there are some duds but they are great for the most part.

  3. I’m glad that the new schedule is working out. I’ve been slammed since I got back and it’s difficult…I’m going to have to come in on Saturday *womp womp.*
    Wow, that’s a beautiful color! I thought it would be less vivid, but it’s such a nice periwinkle. It’s nice to hear about the formula, too…I need three coats for a lot of my Butter Londons.
    I think my favorite Butter London is Bluey (surprise!, lol).

    1. Yeah, surprise surprise that you love Bluey! lol Sorry that you’re slammed at this point. I wish your trip could have been more relaxing. I didn’t do any major driving like you did and I was exhausted…maybe it was mostly mental since my head literally spinned when we went to the first nail place.

  4. I don’t have a lot of BLs (maybe like a dozen–which might actually be a lot to some people….) but the ones I do have are spectacular. I love this one but it does look like I have enough similar ones to pass on it. My fav BL is Two-Fingered Salute. Beg, borrow, or steal for that one because it is completely amazing and I’ve never seen anything like it–even from indies!!

    1. That is a lot to regular people…and by regular people, you know what I mean! I have always been a BL fan myself even when I first started out hoarding polish–even the price never detered me….well, not usually. I’ve been wanting to get Two-Fingered Salute because, like you said, it’s very unique! I think you can only get it at Nordstrom or something, right?

      1. I got mine from Nordstrom, but it’s free shipping on any order and I got a bunch of beauty samples with it. However, taxes for NYS and my county are like, among the highest in the country though (I am sure you feel my pain). I’ve also seen it on the BL website, so idk what the deal with that is. Anyway, you NEED to put it at the top of your splurge list.

  5. Congratulations on your new schedule!
    I am HAPPY for you!
    Thank goodness things are looking up!
    Positive thoughts and vibes are being sent your way – ALWAYS!
    New car – New schedule – Happier Cynthia = PURE AWESOMENESS

    1. You are just so awesome I can’t stand it. You’re like the cheerleader I wish I had in my head every time I get all down on myself. <3 Thank you for all the positivity.

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