Butter London Aston

Since I am gearing up for some marathon interview sessions, I dug through my melmers for nail polish colors that are office/interview appropriate. I do have a lot of neutral colors, but my brain has been high on color after all the recent challenge manicures I have done so I just couldn’t settle on a color. Then I saw my bottle of Butter London Aston which was still on my list to try so I decided to give this baby a whirl.

Butter London Aston Swatch          Butter London Aston Swatch

Butter London Aston has a thinner formula than I was expecting, but it was a little strange because the first coat gave me a pretty neutral tint, but I still had VNL. After I applied a second thick coat, I had full coverage. This polish dries a little dull looking and looks gritty because of the shimmer even though it is fairly smooth. Even after I applied a coat of Seche Vite, I don’t think it looks as shiny as it should.In all honesty, I am not that impressed with this color so what do I do to liven up a mani? I stamp it up!

Butter London Aston Mash 49          Butter London Aston Mash 49

I used this swirly pattern from Mash plate Mash 49. I obviously would not wear stamped up nails to an interview but Aston just looked so plain. I actually had high hopes for this polish and it obviously did not live up to my expectations.

What do you think of this polish? What type of polish would you wear to an interview? Thanks for stopping by and I will tall to you later.

8 thoughts on “Butter London Aston

  1. I’m not sold on the colour to be honest. Its inoffensive but that’s about all I can say about it!

    For an interview I would stick with neutral shades or maybe even muted pastels – I like Model’s Own Utopia. I would class it as a nude but its actually purple. Very very light though. Or keep it simple? What about a basic french?
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    1. I totally agree. Inoffensive is a great way to describe it! I am not sold on it either and don’t really think I will wear it much. I have no idea why I got it to begin with–it was probably done in a fit of insanity because there was a sale going on. 🙂 I might just end up wearing nothing on my nails–maybe just a clear top coat for shine. 🙂

  2. Eh. It’s alright. Not a huge fan. The stamping helped it, but it’s still just kinda there.
    I’ve worn OPI My Very First Knockwurst and, also, nakies. I got an offer with the OPI and not with the nakies, so, there’s that to consider, hahaha.
    I think anything “griege” would be OK or a subtle metallic (like a taupe). Maybe even a light lavender (like Cult Nails My Kind of Kool Aid). I’ve also used OPI Cosmo-Naut Tonight, Honey for work-type stuff.

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