31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 29: Art Inspired Nails

Today was kind of a fun day for me when it came to deciding what to do for this challenge. I am a huge lover of art in general–painting, sculpture, architecture. I have a soft spot for the Renaissance which explains why Florence is probably my favorite city in the world–it’s like a love song to the Renaissance. One of my favorite paintings resides at the Uffizi Galleries: La Nascita di Venere by Botticelli.

I wish I had more time today because I might have attempted to recreate parts of this painting…that would have been awesome. Anyway, I was searching some of my favorite painters such as Picasso, Magritte, Dali, Renoir and Da Vinci for some inspiration. I don’t know how I ended up settling on Jackson Pollock, but I’m glad I did because I do like how my nails turned out.

Jackson Pollock Inspired Nails

Read below to see how I created this manicure.

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls Swatch     OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls Swatch

I started with a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Let me tell you that I love this polish because it’s just such an interesting color. It’s obviously not a pure white which I really like. I had heard so many positive things about this polish so I am glad that it did not disappoint. I had to apply 3 thin coats, but I think it would be ok with 2 thickish coats.

I really wanted to try the traditional splatter technique with a straw or brush, but I just didn’t have enough time this morning so I went ahead and used the splatter design from Konad plate M70.

OPI My Broyfriend Scales Walls Konad M70          OPI My Broyfriend Scales Walls Konad M70

I used all the different colors and stamped them all over each other on my nails. Doesn’t this remind you of a Jackson Pollock painting?

Well, there are only 2 more challenges left so thanks for sticking with us through this loooooonnnnngggg process. 🙂 Don’t forget to check out Nicole’s nails over at Polish Me, Please!

Aaaaaaannnnndddd…don’t forget to check out my blog sale. I am going to add more polishes tonight so take advantage of the 20% off sale. 🙂 Talk to you later!

18 thoughts on “31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 29: Art Inspired Nails

  1. Wow, you did an awesome job…Pollock would be proud….maybe, I dunno how artists feel about stamps lol. I had no idea you used a stamp until you mentioned it. I thought you did the splatter technique or maybe even the “spun sugar” technique. I really love this…It’s one of my faves you’ve done.
    Frosso recently posted..Born Pretty Store ReviewMy Profile

    1. I haven’t done the splatter technique and I really wanted to but I didn’t have enough time this morning. It usually takes me 4 tries to get something “right” whenever I try something new so I knew it was just going to be a big old mess if I didn’t stamp. And yeah…Pollock would probably hit me in the face with a can of paint if he saw these. lol

  2. You are so smart using that stamp. My splatter nails were a disasticure. I love these nails!!! I didn’t get the email about this post tho so I almost missed it!! Near miss! This looks so cool. Good job! And I would have LOVED seeing you recreate those naked people on your nails. Maybe next time? 😉 Grrrrreat job!!
    Nicole recently posted..Day 29: Inspired By Art Work- Album ArtworkMy Profile

    1. haha…yeah, naked peeps. Maybe I should have just done vitruvian man or the david…you know what appendage I would have focused on….:P

      I wonder if my blog is ever gonna act normal again. lol I actually do like how these turned out and thanks for getting me to try MBSC…it’s awesome.

  3. I’m sooooooooo in awe of your stamping skills. That is one area of nail-dom that I have not conquered AT ALL. Second, they make a splatter stamp!?! This is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard (ok, well at least *today*) I LOVE the final product. (PS My Boyfriend Scales Walls is such an amaaaaazing base! Love it so much!) Fabulous job <3
    Maribeth recently posted..Let It Snow Nail Art Challenge: SnowflakesMy Profile

    1. I feel that they now make a stamp for everything! lol I’ve had this one for a while now but never thought to use it this way. I freaking love MBSW–it’s so beautiful and so different looking. I pretty much passed on the whole Spiderman collection except for this one–and Spotted…just cause it’s so weird.
      Cynthia recently posted..LCN Mystique Burlesque Collection Holiday 2012My Profile

  4. I had no idea that they made a stamp like that, that’s awesome!!! I wouldnt know how to do a drippy thing like that anyways, i imagine the polish would have to be kinda sticky and goopy… Great colors, good look! Bet you got a bunch of compliments on that!
    Amy recently posted..Photo DumpMy Profile

  5. Cynthia, I COMMAND you to recognize that you have really been killing it at the end of this challenge! Look how many compliments you’ve received! And deservedly….these ARE super-sweet (Cartman voice). It looks to me like they were legitmately scribbled on with fine-point pens…very cool!
    I bought MBSW, too, through a random eBay snafu (the polish I had ordered was unavailable and I picked out this one, instead). I used it once for a mani that turned out to be a disasticure, so I need to give it a fair shot. It seemed a bit thick to me, so maybe I need to thin it, or maybe I was just having some issues with that pro-wide brush dealio. That actually wasn’t the main problem…the glitter I was using over it was just needing too many coats to look how I wanted it to look and I just got frustrated. Anway, it is super-clean looking…I just haven’t decided what I want to pair it with…SO many options!!!
    Next challenge: the Venus, baby. I can see that being AH-MAZE-ING.

    1. LOL…this comment cracked me up. You command me! Ha! 😛 You really do have to give this polish a second shot because it’s great. It’s just so different from the typical white polish because of that slight grey tinge. I could seriously wear this polish on its own.

      I really want to try to do the venus painting on my nails cause it’s seriously one of my favorite paintings. The first time I saw it, I sat down in front of it and it was like time ceased to exist–that’s how mesmerized I was by it. I think when I realized I’d been staring at it, like 45 minutes had gone by. haha
      Cynthia recently posted..LCN Mystique Burlesque Collection Holiday 2012My Profile

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