Wildflower Lacquer Wonderland 2.0

Hello friends and happy Thursday! Today I am back and sharing yet another beautiful topper from Wildflower Lacquer. When you have such an extensive nail polish collection (at one point I probably had 6,000 or more bottles), it’s very hard to find unique shades and finishes. I have always enjoyed toppers because I can create so many different looks with just one polish. I’ve tried really hard to keep my polish collection manageable ever since I had that nightmare move and I had to store so much stuff. I feel like I lost a bunch of polish somehow but I’ve been good about destashing and giving polish away if I know I won’t get much use out of it. Wildflower Lacquer Wonderland 2.0 is one of those deceptively simple toppers that are so pretty once you get it on your nails. Let’s take a look at my swatches below.

Wildflower Lacquer Wonderland

Wildflower Lacquer Wonderland

Wildflower Lacquer Wonderland


For my swatches, I used OPI I Manicure For Beads (press sample) as a base color because…uhm…who doesn’t love a beautiful purple/lilac shade? I applied 1 thin coat of Wonderland 2.0 to let the base color shine through. I found that it was actually very easy to build it up if you want to wear it on its own. You’d have to build it up with 3 coats if you really want to get it to full opacity. This topper contains holographic flakes with a dusting of micro holographic dust.This polish will be available on wildflowerlacquer.com on 7/2 at noon CT where it will retail for $13.00. There will be 150 bottles available with the possibility of more if it sells out.

What do you think about this topper? Would you wear it on its own or use it only as a topper? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

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