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Happy Sunday, polished dolls! After a week of completely spazing out because of my car drama, I am happy to report that everything has worked out. A big thanks to everyone for all the positive thoughts and comments. Not having a working car in So Cal is kind of a disaster considering that our public transportation is unreliable and beyond inconvenient…and it doesn’t help that I start work at the buttcrack of dawn. Anyway, now I can stress about other things besides my car! haha!

Today I have another design from Incoco to share with you. These polish strips have really impressed me! I am pretty obsessed with pink nails so I couldn’t wait to wear these.  Let’s take a look at this hot pink and black design…

Incoco Amped Up 1

Incoco Amped Up 2

Incoco Amped Up 3

These Incoco Amped Up nail polish strips are so freaking cute. I love the black fishnet design  especially because it combines two of my favorite colors: hot pink and black! These nail appliqués wear like iron and are so incredibly easy to apply.

Incoco Amped Up 5

Incoco Amped Up 6

Incoco Amped Up 7

These are the same appliqués a week later. I had very minor tip wear so I filed my tips a little which pretty much fixed them up. The only thing that gives these away is the gap. Since my nails grow so incredibly fast, the gap between the design and my cuticles is pretty noticeable. I have no doubt that these appliqués would last 2 weeks or more. Personally, wearing the same nail design for more than a few days is frankly a miracle so these are definitely a great way to have a beautiful mani when you’re not able to do your nails very often.

So there you have it folks: I love the Incoco Nail Appliqués! They wear like iron, and I really had to scrub with pure acetone to get them off. I normally wouldn’t use these on a regular basis but if you know you’re going to be particularly busy and won’t have time for a fresh mani for a couple of weeks, these are a great solution.

I feel like I haven’t posted in eons and it’s been mostly because I was too stressed out to do anything except worry about my carlessness. I hope to get back to a more regular posting schedule of at least 3-4 times a week–not that you’re necessarily missing my ramblings, but I miss posting. Now that I’ve had to purchase a new car, I’m making some major changes in my spending habits. Instead of my usual spending binges, I need to focus on saving that money. Since I’ve been walking a lot in the last week since I had to take the bus home in the afternoons, I noticed how great that made me feel so now I’ve decided to get back into the habit of going to the gym. I definitely that’s going to help me relieve some stress, get me all doped up on endorphins and just feel better overall.

So what have you been up to lately? Oh, before I forget, I just put up some polishes on my blog sale. I’m trying to pad my savings a little bit right now since the new car is kind of going to wipe me out. It’s worth it, though. I love my pretty little car. So make sure that you check out my blog sale here. I hope to put up new stuff regularly as I continue to sell stuff.

Also don’t forget enter my current giveaway for a bottle of Jindie Nails Moon Walk. Just click on the image below to be taken to the giveaway post.

win me

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope you have a wonderful Monday.

Much love,


8 thoughts on “Incoco Amped Up Nail Appliqués

  1. Yay.. I’m glad things are working out.. also to read this post.. you sound waaaay more positive..! YAY for that,,

    well, i’ve already chose my items from your blog sale!! YAY, i’m thinking on some morgan taylor polishes of your sale, maybe next payday (july 30th), if they’re meant to be.. they will be there, waiting for me to purchase them LOL..

    did you decide which car you want?
    mariaemmafaria recently posted..Spun Sugar NailsMy Profile

  2. After you and Frosso’s review I am hoping Incoco contacts me, too! Haha. These are really cute, I love the bright color, the wear seems awesome (maybe it’ll even hold up at the park?!) and I like the design. I’ve decided that nail polish strips are the way to go… forget the sticker-type appliques.
    Nicole recently posted..Turquoise and Blue Gleequin ManiMy Profile

    1. Seriously! They wear like iron. I do dishes every day and treat my hands and nails pretty roughly and I only had minor tip wear. I think that they would totally hold up for 2 weeks if you wanted to keep the same mani. The only thing would be the gap once your nails started growing. I have one more set but they are just solid blue. I’m planning to wear them for a week or more once I get done with some swatching.

  3. Well, the color is rather appropriate for you! 😉 These look amazing after wear. If I want to look into strips, Incoco will definitely be the next brand I pursue.
    I need to get back into working out, too. I was doing so well and then completely dropped the ball since I was traveling a lot and then things got crazy. All of my friends keep talking about all these races they do and stuff and I’m like, uh, I could never do that. I should at least try to be able to run those distances!

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