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Do you remember when Essie put out Shine of the Times and everyone lost their shit over it? I think that it might have been my first flaky polish back in 2011 when I was still a nuggle. That was the first time that I even heard of an Essie Luxeffects Collection, but they have steadily put out this collection every year since then. I don’t know about you, but when I saw the Luxeffects Collection for 2015, I thought I had suddenly entered a time vortex and had been transported back to 2012/2013 when bar glitter was all the rage. I hated it back then and I still hate it now, but you know me: MUST BUY EVERY COLLECTION, EVERY TIME. I wore each glitter over a shade from the Essie Winter Collection (swatches coming soon) and only applied 1 coat using a dabbing motion to distribute the glitter to my liking. Let me show you what they look like before I share my thoughts.



Essie Fashion Flares




Essie Frilling Me Softly




Essie Fringe Factor




Essie Tassel Shaker

I’m feeling a little weird saying this…I actually like some of these! I actually only like the first two: Fashion Flares and Frilling Me Softly because they are an interesting combination of bar and small dots which kind of reminds me of cracked pepper. Every time I see bar glitter I think of how irate I get when I see the sink covered in hairs after my brother shaves, so I guess I’m never going to love bar glitter. Overall, I don’t think these are worth the Essie price tag, but a couple of them are nice. I have put these babied up in my blog sale so check it out if you’re interested. What do you think about bar glitter? Yay or nay? I’m curious to hear what you think! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

4 thoughts on “Essie Luxeffects Collection 2015

  1. I really like fine/short holographic bar glitter, like in Dollish Polish “Heart of Glass”. I tend to put this over some other type of silver holographic (linear or glitter) so it blends in, but holographic bar glitter has a very cool effect then. I also have a few polishes that have matte, thin bar glitter that I like, but those are rare – Claire’s “Flashing Light” is the one I’m thinking of, actually, and I like it over a silver foil.

  2. I still have those bar glitter mixes from years past, so I won’t be getting any of these. I am still not a bar glitter fan as it looks hairy and is the devil to remove from your nails. Whiskery Hairs in the sink, ick! This does make me think of that though. You are sooo right.

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