China Glaze On The Shore Collection – Sunsational Summer 2013 Neons

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Hey mon! Summer has hit us in Southern California and it’s hotter than a witch’s armpit today which means that we are seeing our first wildfires of the season. Fan-freaking-tastic. I guess this would be the perfect time to share with you my swatches of one of the first summer collections I’ve gotten my hands on: the China Glaze On The Shore Collection for Summer 2013. The On The Shore Collection is a 12 piece collection comprised of 6 neon jellies and 6 neon cremes. Since I am such a creme lover, I picked up 5 of the neon cremes and 3 of the jellies. Because this is pretty picture-heavy post, I am going to talk about the formula and such here before I get into the actual swatches.

First of all, I would like to say that the colors in this collection are gorgeous. I was so excited when I first started seeing the promo pics but my excitement soon fizzled once I started swatching this collection. I could cry neon tears lamenting what a disappointment the formula was for these polishes. I have to say that while the jellies behave like typical jellies (multiple coats), the cremes are the real offenders here. The creme formula is chalky, patchy and streaky and no matter how much I tried to work with them, they just didn’t want to behave. I wanted to chop my fingers off in utter disappointment and despair–yes, dramatic, but you know polish is something serious up in here. I do have to mention that I swatch all my polishes on my bare nails so maybe a good base coat could have helped? The creme polishes dry to a satiny finish and I thought I could fix them with some Seche Vite, but they just looked worse afterwards. I have no idea if the horrible application has something to do with my application technique or maybe they could have looked and behaved better with a base coat and/or a different top coat. By The time I finished swatching, I was just fed up and didn’t want to fiddle with them anymore. You can see the uneven application on my swatches below which really annoys me because I try to do my best to only put up decent swatches, but sometimes you just can’t help it.

First up are the three jellies: Heat Index, Keepin’ It Teal and You Drive Me Coconuts. All of these required 4 thick coats to get rid of the VNL. I much prefer these jelly polishes to the creme ones only because they look great at the end. You could probably avoid so many coats by applying a white polish underneath–put on your white undies, ladies!








Heat Index







Keepin’ It Teal








You Drive Me Coconuts

The following 5 polishes are all from the neon creme collection. This side of the collection had the most drool-worthy colors, but unfortunately they did not measure up. Sadness. All of these swatches are 2 thin coats and one thick coat to try to smooth them out a bit. None of them have top coat as I wanted to keep their satin finish but also wanted to avoid the weird streakiness that developed when I applied Seche Vite.








Highlight Of My Summer








Bottoms Up








That’s Shore Bright








Sun Of A Peach








Too Yacht To Handle

I don’t think I’ve been so disappointed in a collection in a long time. Wait, I’m lying. Tranzitions. Enough said. Anyway, I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I was not happy at all with these polishes. I will repeat myself in that maybe I just needed a different application technique with a base coat and maybe a different top coat. I don’t want to sour you on this collection because the colors are just so pretty that if you can get them to work, they are totally worth the effort. As for me, I just don’t have the time and patience to fiddle with them so they will be going up on my blog sale. Make sure you check it out if you’re interested in trying them out for cheap before you buy them all. Just a suggestion.

Thanks so much for visiting today, and please let me know if I’m just nuts and these have worked for you. I can’t wait until more reviews start popping up online so I can compare my experience with that of others. What do you think of these colors? Are they gorgeous enough to be worth all the extra work? Let me know! Talk to you soon.

39 thoughts on “China Glaze On The Shore Collection – Sunsational Summer 2013 Neons

  1. 2 May, 2013 at 4:10 pm

    Sad to hear application and formula were bad. They are such beautiful colors too! Your swatches still made them look good though ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lisa N. recently posted..Liebster AwardMy Profile

    1. 2 May, 2013 at 6:04 pm

      Awww…thank you. I had to try so hard to make them look somewhat smooth. They are beautiful colors, though.

  2. 2 May, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    BEAUTIFUL swatches! What a bummer the formula wasn’t the best :[ That green looks awesome haha
    Lace & Lacquers recently posted..GIRLY BITS: Cu BlueMy Profile

    1. 2 May, 2013 at 6:03 pm

      Ahhh…I know. I’m still sad about it but you can’t win them all. I had such high expectations. I don’t know what’s up with China Glaze lately. I love the brand but first tranzitions, then the hologlams (holofrauds as I call them) and now this. ๐Ÿ™ The fall collections better blow me away.

  3. 2 May, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    Dang it! Why do I always like crappy formula polishes? I want each of those colors ๐Ÿ™ Hmmm, maybe I’ll buy just one & try it with a good ridge filler? I’m really diggin’ Heat Index but I know from experience when you say something has a crappy formula, it totally does have a crappy formula…
    Tami Willis recently posted..New Pinkey Nails Swatches – Glow Worm and I’m Just A GirlMy Profile

    1. 2 May, 2013 at 6:02 pm

      LOL…I really want to be wrong. Like maybe I got a bad batch or something. I guess I will have to wait and see for more reviews to come out to either be validated or proven totally WRONG. In either case, maybe just stick to the jellies.

  4. 2 May, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    Oh no, I hate when collections look gorgeous but have crappy formulas – it does ruin them ๐Ÿ™ I think I’ll pass on the creams. But those jellies…maybe I’ll give them a shot.
    Jay @ Wayfaring Beauty recently posted..Lush Love – Lush Lemony Flutter Review & SwatchesMy Profile

    1. 2 May, 2013 at 6:01 pm

      I do think that the jellies are worth the extra work if you don’t mind applying a lot of coats. But the again, that’s nothing new when it comes to jellies…but the cremes…ghaaaa I’m still reeling.

  5. 2 May, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    The only color that remotely appeals to me is Heat Index. Such a bummer because I LOVE neon collections. Is it just me, or are these pastel neons!?
    Jessica recently posted..Polish Days – 7 Deadly SinsMy Profile

    1. 2 May, 2013 at 6:00 pm

      I think that pastel neons is a fitting description…you’d think it would be an oxymoron. If the formula had been great, I would have gone nuts over this collection. What a disappointment. ๐Ÿ™

  6. 2 May, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    Oh my word, I love the Coconuts one – dat color! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But, ain’t nobody got time for patchy, streaky messes! At any rate, you make them look good ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Jessica Dymphna-Rose recently posted..You Polish May box, part 1My Profile

    1. 2 May, 2013 at 7:38 pm

      You got that right, ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat. heee! It took me forever to swatch 8 polishes just because I had to redo them so many times when I was trying to use a top coat and all. I’m just burned out on this collection already but thanks for saying I got them to look good. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. 2 May, 2013 at 11:36 pm

    I prefer applying jellies over a similar opaque cream finish shade instead of a white. That will create even more depth. my favorite combo is opi flit a bit and y’all come back ya hear for candy like nails.

    These shades are fab but the finish indeed is disappointing…
    Crystal recently posted..Guerlain La Laque CouleurMy Profile

    1. 6 May, 2013 at 5:32 pm

      I’ve always worn jellies alone even though so many people recommend applying a white base. These cremes are indeed disappointing.
      Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Collection My Profile

  8. 3 May, 2013 at 12:03 am

    I love keepin’ it teal! Bummer about the formula though :/
    Squeaky recently posted..Swatch – H&M: Glitter Nail Polish WhiteMy Profile

    1. 6 May, 2013 at 5:33 pm

      I love Keepin’ It Teal for a jelly. I just wish the cremes had lived up to our expectations.
      Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Collection My Profile

  9. 3 May, 2013 at 2:48 am

    Oh, TYTH, Highlight and Keepinโ€™ It Teal will be in need to fill their suitcase and move right a way to my home ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. 6 May, 2013 at 5:33 pm

      lol…they’re waiting for you for sure.
      Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Collection My Profile

  10. 3 May, 2013 at 8:14 am

    Que lindos!!!
    Lucia recently posted..Desafรญo Sailor Moon – Sailor MoonMy Profile

    1. 6 May, 2013 at 5:34 pm

      Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Collection My Profile

  11. 3 May, 2013 at 8:15 am

    i think i’m buying the whole collection LOL.
    mariaemmafaria recently posted..Spun Sugar NailsMy Profile

    1. 6 May, 2013 at 5:46 pm

      Of course you are! LOL
      Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Collection My Profile

  12. 3 May, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    I love this collection so much! It compares to the neon collection of last year but with diffrent colours. ive got 3 of those

    1. 6 May, 2013 at 5:46 pm

      I like the jellies but not the cremes–big fails in my book.
      Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Collection My Profile

  13. 5 May, 2013 at 5:53 pm

    I’m still so disappointed that the creams were such a nightmare ๐Ÿ™ It may not be just you, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard others commenting about horrible formula. I’ll be waiting for more reviews too just to see if thats really the case. At least I’ll be able to save my $ since I still have some neons from old collections I haven’t even worn yet.
    Frosso recently posted..Lacquistry In a Pear TreeMy Profile

    1. 6 May, 2013 at 5:49 pm

      Yep, save your moola when it comes to the creme side of this collection. The jellies are good–they are typical jellies.
      Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Collection My Profile

  14. 6 May, 2013 at 12:46 am

    Holy uneven chalkiness, Batgirl… this is insane. I would totally have snatched these up because I just can’t pass up a whole new collection of lovely bright polishes, but oof… I’m glad I’ve been slow on the polish buying lately cuz I’d have been pissed too!! The colors are bright and pretty and all but uh they’re nothing THAT special and they look terrible with the refusal to even out. They remind me of kiwi coolada from the old collection (poolside or something? whatever)… that polish just doesn’t wanna work. How disappointing. ๐Ÿ™ The jellies are okay and everything, but still… I’ll pass.
    Nicole recently posted..Zoya Summer 2013 Pixie Dust Collection- The Matte Sparkle PolishesMy Profile

    1. 6 May, 2013 at 5:51 pm

      Well, I’m glad that I was at least able to save you some money with my hoarding issues. lol I was so incredibly disappointed with these but I guess I would have always been wondering about them if I didn’t try them out. I think all the reviews are starting to pop up so well see what other people think soon enough.
      Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Collection My Profile

  15. Lesley
    6 May, 2013 at 2:35 pm

    Although there are many reasons I’d rather have been home last week, I do not regret missing the insane heatwave.
    This is hugely sad. The colors are so promising, but if you’re having a hard time with them, I’m not going anywhere near them. Pass, pass, pass.

    1. 6 May, 2013 at 5:52 pm

      Seriously…the heat last week was a nightmare and a half. You are super luck to have missed it. And yes, this collection made me so sad. They really need to step it up with the Fall collection in order to make it up to us.
      Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Collection My Profile

      1. Lesley
        7 May, 2013 at 10:46 am

        Seriously…something like On Safari where I do not hesitate to run out and get the entire collection.

  16. 8 May, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    ADORE all the colours especially the pastel mint green.
    However ja, can really relate to struggling here with formula. Bought an Essence mint – streaky, bubbly, shit formula (can I swear here oh well). Ja unimpressed. Although I’m going to try your method of no base coat, two thin coats and then a thicker one.
    I tried it twice on Monday but when the polish formula is shit you just get sommer fed up and in that fuckitall mode… Or just me?!

  17. 17 May, 2013 at 7:48 am

    oh now it’s a witch’s armpit no longer satan’s crotch!! lol … oh my wow these colors are absolutely amazing and are now being added to my wishlist thank you! <3
    Amanda (mae) recently posted..NOTD 135 โ€“ Happy Ending โ€“ Featured Color FridayMy Profile

    1. 17 May, 2013 at 9:15 pm

      I like to mix it up a little. lol The colors are nice but eek the formula is just kind of a pain in the rear so try them at your own risk. lol

  18. rei
    17 May, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    they look so lovely on you, it’s a shame the formula sucked! ๐Ÿ™

    1. 17 May, 2013 at 5:12 pm

      Awww…thank you! If anyone can make these work, they are definitely gorgeous. I just don’t think I have the patience for such difficult formulas.

  19. melissa
    25 May, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    i have highlight of my summer & i LOVE it! i used a base coat & essie’s top coat which i much refer to seche vite & it worked for me! no chalkyness or anything! i will be snatching up more of the cremes <3 gorgeous swatches btw

    1. 25 May, 2013 at 10:32 pm

      Thanks, Melissa! I’m really glad to hear that these polishes worked for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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