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Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer Supreme In Green

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer Supreme In Green




Hello there! I hope your Monday was nice and productive. Mine was not. Work was pretty busy so the day kind of flew by. Isn’t that a good thing? I’m kind of tired, though, because I just couldn’t fall asleep last night. I had this crazy dream that was a combination of The Skeleton Key (the Kate Hudson movie) and every single paranormal movie that has a creepy forest scene. Apparently in my dream, I was going to get killed if I went into the forest so of course I kept trying to go there in the middle of the night. I think I have some weird thoughts about Louisiana in my head.

For my post today, I have another green beauty: Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer Supreme in Green. Yes, it really is supreme…like The Supremes.

Supreme In Green 1

Supreme In Green 2

Supreme In Green 3

Supreme in Green is one of those pastel minty green colors that look so gorgeous in the Spring and Summer. What I really love about this polish is that it is super smooth and creamy which is not always the case with pastel greens. A lot of them tend to be really harsh and chalky but this one is buttery perfection. Green polishes also tend to give me langosta hands as I like to call them–or lobster hands in case you don’t speak Spanish–but this one didn’t do that too badly.

So, other than a pretty decent Monday, nothing has been going on my end. I’m still loving my new car. I don’t recall if I mentioned what kind of car I bought, but I got a 2013 Nissan Sentra SV. I like it a lot!

I had my last Sentra for 12 years so I think they are pretty darn reliable cars and I just think they are small and cute. I’m not one to be all into cars, but I just love driving it around. Since I now have a new car payment, I’ve been trying to get rid of some polishes on my blog sale so make sure you check them out. I have a bunch of Morgan Taylor pretties on there in case you’re interested. Thank so much for stopping by today and I will talk to you soon. Stay cool!