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Last night I was in one of my moods so I turned to Netflix to see if I could distract myself for a while. Well, I was looking at my long queue of films to watch, and I remembered that I really, really wanted to to watch Blue Is the Warmest Color (La vie d’Adèle). Dude…watch it. It’s beautifully acted, it’s tender, it’s sweet, it’s intense, it’s heart-wrenching and will just leave you feeling like you’ve been completely emotionally destroyed. It probably wasn’t the best movie to watch when I was already feeling like shit, but it actually changed my mood in the sense that I was happy to watch such an amazing movie. The movie is in French so I know not a lot of people like movies with subtitles (weirdos) and it’s also rated NC-17 so if you’re opposed to graphic and long sex scenes (eh?), then this movie may not be for you. Still, I highly recommend it. One of the characters in the movie, Emma, has this really awesome blue hair so it put me in the mood to wear blue. That is how I ended up with Kiko 295 Cerulean Blue on my nails.

Kiko 295 Cerulean Blue 1Kiko 295 Cerulean Blue 2Kiko 295 Cerulean Blue 3I honestly don’t know why I hadn’t worn this beauty before. Kiko 295 Cerulean Blue is so freaking bright that it almost looks neon. In fact, it’s so bright that it made my camera take 5 dumps on me while I was trying to take these pictures. Not only is the color beautiful and saturated–the formula is to die for as well. With careful application it could be a one-coater, but I applied two coats out of habit. The finish is incredibly shiny and glossy so I didn’t even need to apply a top coat.

Nubar Black Polka Dot 1Nubar Black Polka Dot 2Nubar Black Polka Dot 3And because I can never leave well enough alone, I applied one coat of Nubar Black Polka Dot. I love the final look here!

What do you think about the Kiko? Isn’t it gorgeous? I always lament that we don’t have access to this brand in the US, but we can’t be that greedy since we have pretty much everything else. I hope that you’re having a great weekend. Thanks so much for the visit, and I will talk to you soon.



22 thoughts on “Kiko 295 Cerulean Blue

  1. What a beautiful blue! I go crazy for any georgeous blue polish. But, since it’s not accessible here, there’s no need to obsess. Thanks for sharing . The color goes well with your skintone.

  2. Can’t believe I’ve still not tried Kiko as it is available here in the UK *slaps own hand*

    I love the mani with and without the polka dot topcoat. Also thanks for the film suggestion; sounds like one I’ll watch when my man’s out though as ‘heart wrenching’ is not something he’d go for x

  3. i watched the movie on tuesday.. it’s very important to highlight the long sex scene.. jorge (husband) he couldn’t even finish the scene, he started using his phone, because he was uncomfortable..
    i can’t explain how much i loved the movie!

    i was sad in the end.. and i got more sad when someone told me how the book ends..!
    these girls are amazing actresses.. i even had a small girl crush on emma! i loved her blue hair.

    1. My brother had mentioned this movie to me and I told him today that I watched it. I told him it was amazing and he said the only reason he wanted to watch it was for the long lesbian scenes. LOL

        1. Yeah, I agree. I’m not a prude but I was like…can we fast forward this a little? lol But I think it made sense because when they met up again, you could still feel that intense physical connection between them. I had to go look up the novel and I was sad at how that ended!

            1. I’m kind of the opposite. I want to know everything like right now. hahaha People think I’m crazy, but sometimes I will go read episode recaps of shows I missed before I watch the show. I don’t know why I do that, but I just can’t help it. Sometimes I ruin it for people because I forget that not everyone is like me.

  4. This is gorgeous, and I believe it was a bitch to photograph. I literally just finished taking photos of a blue mani (uploading crap pics now) and I knew it was going to suck ass. I love this alone and with the black polka dot topper. Also, I would like to add that although I do love your swatches of new stuff I really enjoy your posts of actual mani’s you were in the mood to wear.
    Frosso recently posted..The Lacquer Ring – Unicorns UniteMy Profile

  5. I’ve never tried Kiko before but that blue is so stunning! I love the final look with the Nubars as well!!

  6. Have you seen Tout les Matins du Monde? Similar effect. You’re not gonna feel so hot when it’s over, but it’s amazing. I was in love with Guillaume Depardieu because I saw it when I was like 14, I think. I think I have it on DVD, but don’t watch it because it’s not exactly a feel-good movie…but it’s so good.
    “In fact, it’s so bright that it made my camera take 5 dumps on me while I was trying to take these pictures.” LOL! I like that it’s precisely five. I think it was worth it, though…DAT BLUE! 😉
    I like it with the topper, too. They almost don’t look like two separate polishes!
    Frosso has a good point that it is interesting to see what you actually wear in addition to swatches. 🙂

    1. Totally did see that movie. I watched every French movie I could get my hands on at that time. If you’ve never seen it, I would recommend Un cœur en hiver which is probably my favorite French movie…well, ONE of my most favorites. It’s also emotionally devastating in a way that only the French can do. WATCH IT!!!

  7. Don’t forget there are many people from overseas reading your blog, too 🙂 it’s very easy for me to get kikos, so please keep on reviewing them 🙂

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