KBShimmer I Need Space – PPU & IPU January 2020

Well, it seems like a hot minute since I posted but it hasn’t been that long. I think that all the rush of the Christmas holiday just caught up to me and stuff just fell by the wayside. It also did not help that my nails kept breaking and I had to just buckle down and swatch with shorties.  Since my move, I am still working on trying to get my perfect set up for swatching and taking pics so please cut me some slack.  Since this Friday is the first Friday of the month, Polish Pick Up will be wowing us with tons of pretties. Today I have KBShimmer I Need Space to share with you as well as another glorious sugar scrub. Let’s take a look at my swatches below.



KBShimmer I Need Space

KBShimmer I Need Space

KBShimmer I Need Space

Magnetic polishes have been getting more and more interesting over the years. I love this polish! When I first saw it in the bottle, I was a little ho-hum about it because it just looked like a blue-leaning silver. Once I applied the magnet, it came to life! The deep blue sparkle is such a beautiful contrast to the silver. I applied one coat and let it dry before applying a second thicker coat and immediately applied my magnet.


This scrub brought back so many memories! As you can see, it has that fun neapolitan thing going for it. The scent is sweet and fun and you will love the results of using this. During the cold winter months, I make a point of using this on my hands and legs and my skin loves me for it.

If you are interested in any of these two products, they will be available Friday 1/3/2020 through 1/6/2020 and will retail for $10 each. While the polish will have no cap, the sugar scrub will have a cap so make sure to pick it up on the first day if you want it.

If you’ve never heard about Polish Pickup, let me give you some information:

Polish Pickup is a monthly shop that allows you to purchase from a variety of makers for a flat $3 shipping rate. The theme/inspiration is chosen a month in advance and makers will give previews of their creations in the Polish Pickup Pack Facebook group, so don’t forget to join. The shop is open every first Friday-Monday of the month and then the site is closed while orders are filled/shipped. Be aware that shipping can take about 3 weeks so be patient.

So what do you think about this polish? Will it be going on your list? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

6 thoughts on “KBShimmer I Need Space – PPU & IPU January 2020

  1. I love your shorties! We are totally in sync with this polish. In its non-magnetic state, eh. Magnet, WHOA! Great swatches

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