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Sunday Hunting

I don’t know why I’m watching a NOVA documentary about lizards in Australia, but it’s actually really interesting despite my fear of them. I do hate any kind of lizards, reptiles, frogs and anything with feathers. Oh, and alpacas. Alpacas freak the crap out of me. I don’t know where my aversion to so many animals comes from, but I start to get agitated when I think of being close to any of the animals I mentioned.  Before I start freaking myself out, I’ll move on to the polish part of my post.

I decided that today would be a dusty hunting day. I have about 3-4 nail places that I go to regularly for all the new collections (OPI, Essie, Jessica, Color Club, Sation, Orly), but a couple of them also have pretty ancient  polishes that I love to sort through when I have the time, patience and dust mask. They are called dusties for a reason! So I went to two of my usual places but I didn’t see anything that I really wanted. They are seriously lagging on getting their shipments of Essie which is what I wanted to check out.  I went to another beauty supply that I’ve only been to once just to see if anything had changed. The owner (I’m assuming she’s the owner) is a see you next tuesday. She is so rude that I couldn’t believe it when I first went in there. At first she ignored me and then she followed me around like I was going to steal something. Then she kept asking me: “what do you want?” Ok, part of it was that her English wasn’t very good so I figured that she meant to ask if I needed anything so I wasn’t offended. Once I found a bunch of stuff I wanted, she was nice to me but I was so annoyed that I hadn’t been back since. I guess I decided to give this place another try because I really wanted to see if they had any old interesting polishes. Well, let me tell you that I seriously scored. I found some OPI Designer Series polishes…not the new ones that are glitterbombs or scattered holos. I’m talking about the original DS line that were linear holos. I saw a bunch of the silver caps and figured they were just the usual DS polishes until I got closer and saw the liner holo. I seriously almost shit my pants with excitement and started grabbing them like my life depended on it. One of the employees came over and eyed me like I was insane, and he starts to tell me that those are more expensive than the usual OPI because they are holo. He looks at me like he wonders if I’m going to change my mind once I find out the price which he informs me is $8. $8!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For OPI linear holos. I wish they had more colors, but they only had the colors that I ended up purchasing. Freaking A I was happy. My linear holo experience is limited to the way pricey Layla Hologram Effect line so I am super happy to have found these.  Afterwards, I headed to my FAVORITE nail place and I purchased a few China Glaze polishes and some super oldies from American Classic and Color Club. The Color Club colors weren’t that interesting but I wanted them for the old vintage bottles. Since they were dirt cheap, I didn’t care that the colors weren’t too exciting . I probably will still try them out since they are both neons and neons are so IN right now.

Sorry about the verbal diarrhea…I just really got excited about those freaking OPI holos. Here are some hoard pics.


And lastly, here is some food porn:

In-N-Out really is the best thing in California. Don’t fight me on this because you will lose.

So how was your weekend?


Is This Real Life?

I love this video. I think it’s my second favorite kid video on youtube with Charlie Bit My Finger being #1

I was asking myself if I really bought this much nail polish today. I look at it and I am still wondering what possesses me to go on these nail polish buying binges. It’s like a high. Is anyone else understanding this or am I just nuts?

So much polish…………………..


I picked up the whole Gelato Mio collection from Jessica Cosmetics. I’ve gotta admit that the main reason why I got these is because I am dying to go back to Italy. Some of my fondest memories of Italy are food related–gelato being a huge part of it. The last time I was in Italy, way back in 2003, V. and I went to Rome and Florence. Despite how cold it was, we were still dedicated gelato eaters the whole time. Ahhh! Also, I have the funniest picture of D. and I during our first trip to Italy. We went out for a really awesome dinner and we had probably the most pivotal conversation in our 15 year friendship. We also proceeded to get plastered on red wine and then wandered around the city drunk and crazy trying to find a gelato place that was open. Once we did, we bought some and headed back to the hotel. The next morning, D. was asking me what the hell we had done the previous night because his jacket was coated with something. We never figured it out until I developed the pictures and we got a picture of him drunk, eating gelato while it was melting down the cone and down his arm all over his jacket. LOL

One of my dusties had a crapload of these American Classic nail polishes. I wanted to get a bunch of them because the one I previously tried was awesome. I still don’t have much info about this nail polish line, but I got to talking with the owner of the nail polish store and he told me that the guy who started this company also started China Glaze. Huh? He was telling me how he had designed the bottle and stuff. When you look at these, they do look exactly like CG bottles except for the ridges on the cap. How cool. Sally Beauty Supply gave me a contact # for American Classic (who make Gelous) so I’m going to call them and see if they can give me any info about this. I’d love to know how old these are.


Ahhh…Kleancolor. These smell like the vas deferens of a platypus. The smell is beyond disgusting so I don’t know if I’ll be able to deal with them. These are all glitters!!!! I decided to get them because they are dirt cheap and I will never pay a lot for any glitter.


These are just some assorted goodies from China Glaze (yay for super old polishes!!!), Nubar, Essie and Dare To Wear.


And lastly, I got some more special Konad polishes for stamping and some nail art stuff.

I need to cut the crap and stop being such a nail polish hoarder. I only have 20 nails…why do I need so much? Well, for now, nail polish makes me happy and I really need a little happiness when I’m usually feeling so rotten. I hate feeling like I’m just a shopaholic, but I guess it could be worse.

I Love Thee UPS Man

I should ask my new UPS man’s name because he’s super nice, and I am always happy to see him because it means he has something for me. I was expecting my last nail polish order and the third attempt to send me the SpaRitual set I purchased a month ago. You may recall that I got a shipment from them twice and the set was empty both times. Will the third time be the charm?






















Just Kidding. 🙂

Thank you for finally making sure I didn’t get an empty box again. They ended up refunding my money AND sending me the set for free which is pretty nice. When I initially purchased it, it was on sale AND it was during the F&F sale so it was about $12. I now looked it up and the set is selling for $30. Really?? SpaRitual retails for $10 a bottle (and can sometimes be found cheaper) so they’re telling me the box is worth $10? Lame.

So here is my new nail polish stash. I got everything on sale so I don’t feel THAT bad. Either way, I think I’m set for a while. I am going to go through all of my untrieds before I purchase more.

Sephora By OPI: Eve-y On The Eyes, Tempted By Teal, Stop Stocking Me! and My Personal Serpent

nails inc.: Maddox Street, Heathrow (Matte), Hampstead Gardens, Tate, Old Park Lane, Gatwick (Matte), Westminster and FNO

SpaRitual: I Feel The Earth Move and Hot Blooded

So this is all the nail polish news I have today. I also have swatches of the latest Essie collection so I’ll try to post that later today. Last night I went to see Snow White and The Huntsman with my friend L. We were both feeling pretty rotten so we thought that maybe getting our minds off stuff would help. It did in a way, but then we got back to my place and we started talking about everything. It’s hard to see someone you care about go through so much crap. I know she knows exactly how I feel right now, and that breaks my heart.

This morning I went to see Prometheus because I had a gift card that I needed to use before it expired. I really loved it. Michael Fassbender and Idris Elba in one movie?  So hot. Want to touch the hiney.

I’m really happy to see Noomi Rapace more in American movies. If you’re not familiar with her, she portrayed Lisbeth Salander in the original The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy in Sweden. She is awesome, and you should definitely check out that trilogy.

Anyway, I’ll post the Essie swatches later and will start working on my untrieds. I updated my spreadsheet, and I now have 498 bottles of nail polish. I know. Don’t say it.