Dare To Wear Sweetheart

If you follow me on twitter, you may have heard about me getting bitten by a dog…on my swatching hand to boot! Now, before you imagine some gross puncture wound, blood and tears, it was actually just a minor bite and it was more annoying than actually painful. Since I’ve been really stressed lately, I decided to go to scope out some nail polishes after work. Well, normally I get off work at 1:30 but at about 1:25, I got a crazy complicated client so I ended up staying an extra half hour to deal with his issues–great, thirty extra minutes at a place I abhor. I should have just gone home, but noooooooooo…Cynthia needed some new polishes. I went to two of my usual nail places but I didn’t get much (most of the newest Orly collection and a new bottle of Seche). I then decided to stop by another place that I rarely go to because they don’t have the best selection, but I just felt like checking them out. When I walked in, the place was empty but then I saw this cute little dog walking towards me. Since I am absolutely nuts about dogs, I got all excited and bent down to pet him. Well, at first he seemed fine with it and then he snapped and bit my hand. The owner yelled at him and he walked away. She was apologetic, but I just brushed it off and got a few more polishes.  So my lesson here is: I am not the Dog Whisperer so I need to not be so grabby with strange dogs.

One of the polishes that I got this past weekend, is Dare To Wear Sweetheart. I can’t explain why I’ve been gravitating towards pink polishes lately–maybe I’m just in a girlie mood.

Dare To Wear Sweetheart

Dare To Wear Sweetheart

Dare To Wear Sweetheart

Dare To Wear Sweetheart

Are four pictures of the same polish overkill? I’ve been wondering if one or two pictures are enough, but since I’m not really changing the lighting, I’m thinking that maybe 4 are too much since I’m only changing the angle. Let me know if you have an opinion or preference. Anyway, Dare To Wear Sweetheart is a super hot pink with holographic and silver glitter throughout. This polish dries a little matte and super gritty. I applied two thick coats of Seche to try to get a smooth surface, but this polish pretty much sucked it right up. The formula was pretty good, though. It was super opaque and it was kind of goopy in a good way where I was able to control it really well and didn’t have to do any clean up at the end. That’s my favorite.

I’ve mentioned my health a little bit from time to time, and I’ve been stressing about not having health insurance  a lot lately. For the last week, I’ve been stressing out about everything…my health, my craptastic job, my even more crappy car that’s one step away from the junkyard and just EVERYTHING in general. This is one skip and a hop away from major anxiety attacks so I’m just trying to keep it together.  One way that this stress has been physically manifesting itself is that I wake up almost every night throwing up. It’s really bad because it basically happens a couple of hours before I have to get up for work so I feel like I’m not even sleeping. I really don’t want to go back on meds and I really can’t afford to be paying for therapy and doctor’s appointments out of pocket so I feel like I’m just between a rock and a hard place. Maybe for now, polish has to be my therapy. Sounds like a plan to me!

So I hope that you don’t think I’m just sharing this for attention or because I want sympathy…I just feel like it helps to get this stuff out, and I know that some of you soooooooo understand what this feels like. I just hope this passes and I start feeling better about everything. Thanks for listening. <3




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  1. Sorry to hear you got bit by a dog, that’s ridiculous! I know we don’t know each other but I have experience with the kind of things I think you are talking about. Stress can do bad things to the body, I know this from experience. If you ever want to talk I’m willing to listen 🙂

  2. I like the 4 photos..but 2 would be cool if that is what you wanted to do. This polish is great! Im not a pink fan either but I too have been gravitating towards pink and I love the glitter in this one. What brand is it? I am blind as an fn bat…lol. I too feel crappy about life in general..hate to say depression..HATE IT..but forcing yourself to be positive seems to help..even if you only read a positive quote or smile at yourself in the mirror for a second..anything to keep from falling into the abyss. Hugs.

  3. The best thing you can do is have something that makes you happy and distracts you and people to unload with once in a while. Medication and therapy makes it easier, but isn’t always the only answer. Sounds like you’ve been down that road before. Use what you’ve learned. There are always some skills that we forget to use in crisis.

    Sorry, I know you’re not looking for advice and not all advice applies to everyone. Coming from someone who’s been there.

    Oh yeah, the polish. One of my 3year boys came up and wants me to redo his polish with that gorgeous (my word) polish. 🙂

  4. This place is for you! It’s your personal space, if you need to vent, go for it. I hope that things get better for you!

    And I do love this polish. I think if you’re not changing the lighting, maybe two pictures is enough?
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  5. Health insurance should just be obligatory! Every country’s government really has to take care of that. I wish you good luck with all the trouble you’re having. Maybe you should try meditating and doing small, fun stuff to help you relax and be happy. About the pictures: I know how hard it is to pick the right ones for a post haha 😛 I think I always use four or more pictures. I guess the pictures you used in this post are pretty much alike, but it’s always nice to see a lot of pics of a pretty polish, right?! 😀
    Eva recently posted..My first attempt at gradient nails…My Profile

  6. Hey dear!
    Don’t give up. Life can be so frustrating sometimes 🙁
    Yes it’s important to have something that cheers you up, even if it’s only nail polish.
    If this doesn’t help then you should probably go back on meds o.O
    I hope this turns out good for you…

    Your pictures are just fine. They are at a slightly different angle, so why not post four of them?

    The polish ist pretty – love pink and glitter!
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  7. I’ve never been bitten by a dog, I guess I am the Dog Whisperer lol By the way, vet’s student told me that you shouldn’t show the palm of your hands to strange dogs because they might think you want to hit them and they will attack you in defense. So, you should approach them with your hands closed, slowly petting their hears. I always try to remember that, because they’re a lot of dogs in my university (vet’s students take care of them) and I tend to pet them immediately without thinking how the dog might react.

    This polish is very nice, but I wouldn’t buy it, I’m not really into pink, even though everyone says it suits me. Who cares?!
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  8. This is such a pretty polish and the only one in the post–so I think four pictures are perfect! If there were more polishes though, I think 1-2 would be just the right number.

    I can’t help but to offer some ideas to help you with your stress. I’m a counselor and talk with people about this kind of thing all day.
    — You have anxiety and medication can help whether temporary or long-term. If you had diabetes you’d take insulin. No one should have to be throwing up and losing sleep beacuse of anxiety. Who can live like that?
    –Your employer may have an EAP Program which gives you access to free counseling and other services so check with HR. It’s totally confidential from your employer.
    –Then, there’s always 1-800-273-TALK for your local help hotline. They usually know where you can get discounted services and medication if you decide this is the route you need to go until you get health coverage. They can also just talk.

    Hope I’m not being too forward. I think this is good information for anyone to have though as options can decrease anxiety. PS: I am diagnosed with depression and have been on meds for years. I still feel all emotions, just not debilitating sadness. It’s pretty great 😀

    Keep blogging if this helps you!

  9. This polish is REALLY pretty!! Idk what it is but that pink w the glitter is just so cute!

    Waking up and throwing up??? That sounds awful. Idk if this would help you or not but have you tried signing up for a yoga class or some sort of meditating class or even just some exercise class to help get some relaxation? I’m sure you’ll be okay but I just hate to know you are struggling. Polish is a good way to relax too, just don’t go all nutso so you feel regretful when you’re back up to your 2 billion bottle collection! I’m mostly kidding, but that means I’m a liiiiiittle serious! 😉
    That sucks that that dog bit you!!! I mean if it comes up to you, I, too, would just bend down and reach out to pet it! That reminds me of my in-laws’ dog (who was Daniels grandmas dog before she passed away). The dog, Chuckie is like a 5 lb Maltese and old as hell. And he looks kinda ugly but kinda cute too cuz he’s so little but man if you get close he’ll try to bite your face off! Good thing the little demon only has about 2 teeth!
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  10. Oh, man. It is so frustrating to have to deal with something complicated right before you want to leave work. It is also frustrating to have a bad experience when you are trying to shop for friggin’ nail polish! I still don’t think that the owner should have the dog in the shop if it snapped at someone, but maybe I’m just overly-paranoid due to my years with my sketchtastic Shaggy.
    I really like this polish, but the top-coat greediness would annoy me. At least the formula is good!
    Since stuff went down last summer at work, our insurance got downgraded. I have a huge co-pay now and I have to pay part of the premium when I previosuly didn’t. Since then, it seems like the provider doesn’t make it a priority to get me in…I guess because we have a crappy plan? I don’t know…like many people, I wish health care was different. It’s just so damn expensive.
    Oddly, my anxiety has been better this week, but now I’m having stomach issues, instead. Cool beans!
    Working out has been helping me. It was rough for the first few weeks, but now I’m running further and stretching is easier and my clothes are fitting better, all of which are positive and which make me feel better, etc. Although…don’t rule out the polish therapy, either! 😉

  11. When I worked at adult world, I never told you why I left exactly APART from the strict rules and regulations worse than jail (I imagine)… I had the exact same thing and I couldn’t take it. So I don’t have advise and I only offer: *hugs* and I understand as I was there with the throwing up anxiety.
    APART from that, WTH is up with rabid dog? And I love the pink because I love pink (and gold :)~ hubba hubba)! But it IS pretty!
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