Prism Polish UK Wizarding Houses Collection

How’s your Monday going? I’m chugging along still working on myself and getting organized. I knew that the cool weather was too good to be true so it’s been super hot here in SoCal for the past week. I haven’t been doing much outside lately, like exercising, but I think that it’s time to get my butt in gear. I know I had shared before that I have been working on getting healthy and such so I need to get back on track despite the warm weather. So, for today’s post I have some really fun polishes to share with you from the Prism Polish UK Wizarding Houses Collection and they are all currently available at Color4Nails. Let’s take a look at my swatches below.

Prism Polish UK Wizarding Houses

Prism Polish UK Wizarding Houses

Wit Beyond Measure

“Inspired by Ravenclaw’s house colours, this multichrome shifts blue/purple/turquoise with a hint of bronze at the edges. There’s also a sprinkling of tiny holo sparkles to reflect the depths of Ravenclaw’s quick and clever minds!”


Prism Polish UK Wizarding Houses

Prism Polish UK Wizarding Houses

Destined For Greatness

“A forest green/gold/emerald green\blue super shifty multichrome. Inspired by the Slytherin house colours and the murky depths of their common room, Destined for greatness lives up to it’s name!”


Prism Polish UK Wizarding Houses

Prism Polish UK Wizarding Houses

Brave At Heart

“Inspired by brave Gryffindor’s house colours of scarlet and gold, this super shifty multichrome also shifts green at extreme angles – a little nod to Harry’s turmoil at nearly being sorted into Slytherin.”


Prism Polish UK Wizarding Houses

Just And Loyal

“Inspired by the colours of Hufflepuff house, Just and loyal is a black base filled with twinkling holo shot through with bright gold magnetic pigments that shifts copper and green. I like to think that Hufflepuffs would have the patience to master magnetic nail polishes!”

I will be the first one to tell you that I am not a Harry Potter fan. I mean, I don’t hate Harry Potter–I just never got into it. I have watched part of the movies when I catch them on TV and they are good but I haven’t gotten past watching bits and pieces. Without being into the inspiration for this collection, I think this collection is really nice. The formula on all the polishes is really nice–buttery and easy to work with. I think that my two favorites are Just And Loyal and Brave At Heart.  I posted Just And Loyal on IG and someone asked me about getting such a crisp magnetic line and I will share my process here as well. The only type of magnet that works for me is the neodymium type. I used the KBShimmer neodymium ring magnet and it’s basically all I will use now. I hold the magnet to the nail after every coat, including top coat, and I did not get much spread even as it continued to dry. I hold the magnet to the nail for 20-30 seconds after each coat, which I know takes some commitment, but the results are soooo worth it.

The Prism Polish UK Wizarding Houses Collection is available now at where they retail for $14 each. Let me know if you have any favorites and if you will be picking up any of these shades. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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