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Hello friends! Have you ever slept in a weird position and your body feels out of whack? When I woke up this morning, I was hanging off the bed…how do you even stay asleep when half your body is hanging off the edge of your bed? Now today my arms are crazy sore for whatever reason. I’m such a weirdo. I’ve always had a lot of sleeping issues and strange habits. I am not sure if I have talked about this on my blog yet, but I used to have a lot of sleep paralysis episodes. Basically, you feel like you are awake but you’re unable to move or speak. My episodes usually involved me seeing and feeling something move in the dark. Then I would feel the pressure of something getting on my bed, crawling up me and trying to smother or choke me. There were even times when it felt like I was being dragged off my bed. If this has ever happened to you, I’m sure you know how scary that feels. I am not necessarily religious, but I would pray like crazy whenever that happened until the feeling went away and I was able to get up. For like the longest time I thought my apartment was haunted or that I was going nuts–and then I read up on Sleep Paralysis which I am fairly certain is what I experienced. The worst part was that it was happening often…maybe a couple of times per month so I was freaking out all the time. I haven’t had one of those episodes in a while now so I’m super relieved. Watch me have one tonight…

Anyway, now that I’ve terrified you about possibly experiencing Sleep Paralysis, let me make it all better by showing you some new pretty polish. I picked up the Contrary Polish Color Context Trio as soon as the minis were available on Carrie’s blog. I know I mentioned it when I reviewed the Ain’t That A Beach Trio, but I am completely smitten and in love with Contrary Polish. If you haven’t tried these, do yourself a favor and at least pick up a mini or two and get ready for a polishgasm.

Contrary Polish Blood Orange 1

Contrary Polish Blood Orange 2

Contrary Polish Blood Orange

Contrary Polish Greenhouse 1

Contrary Polish Greenhouse 2

Contrary Polish Greenhouse

Contrary Polish Indigo Rose 1

Contrary Polish Indigo Rose 2

Contrary Polish Indigo Rose

I didn’t talk about each polish individually because the formula was pretty consistent on all three polishes: I felt it was a tad thicker than what I like and it was a little sheer as well. I applied two thick coats and that gave me full coverage. I wish my pictures could capture just how glowy these polishes are. I absolutely adore these three polishes, but I have to say that I’ve got a big old polish boner for Greenhouse. I can’t stand how gorgeous this polish is and I must have the full size stat!

I also want to mention that I had some issues with the brushes on a couple of polishes from the Ain’t That A Beach Trio. Carrie included a few extra caps in my package since she read about it here. I know it was just something small but it wowed me because she not only read my review, but actually did something about it! Once again, I’m telling you that the customer service I’ve gotten from the indie brands I buy from is spectacular. If you’re interested in purchasing some minis, Carrie sells them on her blog on Fridays. You can check them out here. If you want to purchase a full size bottle, you can check at the following stockists: Llarowe, Femme Fatale Cosmetics and Shoppe Eclecticco.

Thanks so much for checking in with me today and talk to you soon!


22 thoughts on “Contrary Polish Color Context Trio

  1. Wow this is actually amazing. These three are def my kind of polishes. And even the color pick is just so right. Blood orange – My kind of red – goes for every season. Greenhous & Indigo Rose – i would totally wear these. I think these three colors are represented the most in my collection.
    Love the shine & dimention of the polishes. 🙂
    Luchessa recently posted..Ulta Smashbox Heatwave Eyeshadow Palette GiveawayMy Profile

    1. I got a tiny bit of staining with Indigo Rose but then I used pure acetone and the staining was gone. I have yet to be disappointed by anything I see from Contrary Polish.

  2. Wow, I had sleep paralysis twice about 8 years ago. The first episode was absolutely terrifying. I could hear my husband downstairs watching TV and was totally aware of what was going on around me, but I could not move or speak. I thought I had experienced a stroke or something! Desperately trying to shout for help. Finally woke up and completely freaked out. Second (and last) episode was a few months later, but not so terrifying as I had worked out that I was asleep from first episode. Thank-you for giving a name to this–I am going to Google now!

    1. I’m glad you finally have a name to that occurrence because I seriously thought I was going crazy when this was happening to me. Fortunately I haven’t dealt with it in at least a couple of years but it’s not as scary now that I know what it is.

  3. Fun fact of the day: Sleep paralysis and other strange sleep episodes used to be attributed to a demon attack or incubus rape. Of course people also used to piss in a bucket under their bed at night, so we’ve come a long way.

    I totally just pinned all of these colors to my must-have polish board! They are amazing.

    1. I had been meaning to mention that I had read about that whole demon/incubus rape and you reminded me of how much that freaked me out. Thanks a lot.

      1. Sorry! It was supposed to be an illustrative point that we know better now about sleep problems. Sleep problems are so interesting to me and the history of them make me laugh. However I’m also a scaredy cat and have nightmares easily. One night the cat jumped on my feet when I was half asleep and I was pretty sure they were octopus tentacles coming to drag me down under water–I had been reading 20,000 Leaques Under The Sea.

  4. Wow girl, I’d be afraid to ever sleep again if that happened to me. Thankfully I have never experienced sleep paralysis like you have but I do have a phobia about mirrors in the bedroom and have been that way all my life. Mirrors are gateways at night. That is what my mind says and my earliest memories starting from 3.5-4 years old I have been terrified of mirrors in my bedroom at night. Daytime we’re cool, nighttime – no way. I even had my hubs remove the mirror attached from our dresser and it’s in the closet behind clothes and shoes. Oh and years ago, I saw that silly kids movie Little Monsters with Howie Mandell and Fred Savage and Ben Savage, and then I would freak out about monsters under my bed and that being a pathway too. Yeah, I’m a grown adult and I still can get freaked out over that stuff sometimes.

    1. Seriously! It was the scariest shit ever especially before I ever heard about sleep paralysis. In fact, I found out about it because I decided to take a psychology class “just for fun” at my local community college and it was discussed in one of my books. Otherwise I would still be thinking I am going insane. Omg…mirrors are night freak me out too!!! I took the huge mirror out of my room for that reason.

  5. Well, I am currently having one of those days where I must have slept weird or something, because my neck and shoulders are all sore. But, who cares, because holy shit, sleep paralysis sounds terrifying. Thank God that Greenhouse (mostly) makes up for it with its giant polish boner abilities.

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