Making a wishlist is something new to me because I pretty much want all polish lol Here are some polishes that I want but haven’t gotten my hands on for whatever reason:

Dollish Polish

Dino-mite Yoshi

It’s A Me, Mario! – Thank you Amanda!

Toad-ally AwesomeThank you Amy!

1-UP – Thank you Amanda!

Hip Hop Hippity HopThank you Amanda!

Spank You Very MuchThank you Amy!

Barry M

Gelly – Watermelon

Gelly – Guava

Gelly – Blue Grape



Floam – Thank you, Jessica!

A Dash Of Princess – Thank you, Jessica!

Orange You Unique


35 Violine Chic – Thank you, Sabrina!

61 Vert Chlorophylle – Thank you, Sabrina!

09 Prune Stellaire

05 Corail Féérique

13 Figue Chic


402 Jewel Pink – Thank you, Sabrina!

295 Cerulean Blue – Thank you, Sabrina!

337 Periwinkle Violet – Thank you, Sabrina!

383 Oil Blue – Thank you, Sabrina!

389 Mint Milk

320 Beige Mauve

302 Pearly Orchid

266 Ultramarine Blue

Jade Holografico

Hypnose – Thank you Amy!

Deja Vu – Thank you Amy!

Vermelho Surreal – Thank you Lesley and Amy!

This list will continue to grow. These pretties will be mine!

3 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. Teresa
    4 June, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    I have Dollish Dino-mite Yoshi…never opened. Do you have anything you would like to trade?

    1. 4 June, 2013 at 11:38 pm

      That’s so nice of you to offer. I don’t really have anything I can think of trading for it. :)

    2. 30 July, 2013 at 11:45 am

      How about if I send it to you anyway and if you come across something or want to send a few bucks but if not no big deal. I just love your blog!! <3

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