Essie Dressed To The Nineties

Hey, how’s it going today? I’ve been having a pretty uneventful time lately which can either be good or bad depending on the person. Since my idea of fun is having a quiet time to lounge, read and read a good book, I’m quite happy right now. Today I have an Essie polish that I had high hopes for when I first saw it at my local beauty supply: Essie Dressed To The Nineties. Let me show you some swatches before I tell you what I thought of it.

*****Purchased Myself*****

Essie Dressed To The Nineties

Essie Dressed To The Nineties

Essie Dressed To The Nineties

Essie Dressed To The Nineties

When I first saw this polish, I was so excited to see all that shimmer in the bottle, but I felt like it largely disappeared on my nails. Essie describes this polish as a “dark purple with blue-green shimmer.” That is a good description, but it was so hard to see the shimmer. I also wanted to point out that the polish applied incredibly patchy as you can see on my nails. I thought the polish was fully opaque but once I looked at my pictures, I could see some pots were not completely even. And this was after I applied 3 coats! I was very disappointed with this. I do think that the shimmer will show up more in sunlight conditions so I will definitely wear it again. I also thought that the formula was very thin and runny. I flooded my cuticles multiple times while trying to swatch this polish so I was losing all my patience. This was basically the only polish I was really interested in from the Fall 2017 collection so I’m a little disappointed by it. Let me know what you think about this polish in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.


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Essie Dressed To The Nineties Essie Dressed To The Nineties

18 thoughts on “Essie Dressed To The Nineties

  1. I just hate it when what you see in the bottle doesn’t translate onto the nail. It looks like it would’ve been so pretty too, if only more of the shimmer came across. Have you ever tried Orly’s Mysterious Curse? I have that one and I really like it; I think it might be similar, just maybe the purple base of the Essie seems a little warmer in tone when compared to the Orly.

    1. It’s like the ultimate betrayal! lol I actually do have Mysterious Curse, or had it because I might have destashed it, so I looked at my post about it (from 2012!!!) and I don’t think it looks the same but you’re right–it has a similar feel. Mysterious Curse is kind of a duochrome polish, and I do recall liking it quite a bit. I know I had some dupes. Oh lord, I have no idea what polishes I have anymore.

  2. I was falling in love with your swatches and already adding it to my wish list, and then your review. 3 coats, patchiness, and no beautiful shimmer visible. Now I am glad I didn’t get this one. I have too many Essies already with crap formulas that require effort to look good. It is pretty on you though. You can just barely see the shimmer and that is with your picture enlarged to what like ten times bigger? What a shame Essie, what a shame. This is another reason why Essie will never make my favorite brands list.

    1. It really does make me sad because I freaking love Essie. I keep going back every time. I no longer splurge and buy entire collections (not recently, at least), but I still keep them on my radar. I had really high hopes for this one but it was just disappointing. I saw Karen from manigeek do a really gorgeous sun shot of this polish so maybe I will give it another shot. Maybe I will layer it over a dark creme? I’ll try to post an update on IG at least. I just really want to love this one!

  3. Bummer that it disappointed you. I grabbed social-lites (fall or winter—I can’t remember) and I loved that one.

  4. Essie polishes are so hit-or-miss for me because of the cuticle flooding. The colors keep sucking me in though :-/

    I bought this one but have only swatched it on a stick so far. Will be looking to see whether the shimmer shows up for me.

    1. Omg, I thought I was the only one who kept having flooded cuticles with Essie!!! I still am strangely loyal to the brand too. lol When I first started getting into Essie circa 2011, I feel like they had some really good polishes.

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