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New Loot

It’s sunny today. It’s sunny and there is a great breeze outside so it’s absolutely perfect. Once it starts to get warm, the area where I live starts to get really congested with traffic from people going to the beach. There is a freeway a block away from me that pours into the main street heading down to the beach so it takes eons for me to get around that. Dang it people, stop swarming to the beach!

I thought it over and I decided that I will get the new Essie Poppy-razzi collection so I went to another one of my favorite nail stores to see if they had it out yet, but they said it would be coming in later. Welllllll…what’s a girl to do when there are thousands of bottles of nail polish all around?  I ended up picking up a few summery colors and a couple of very dark and vampy colors–something that my dark nail polish twin over at Nails Of Many Colors would like.

Lately I have been really into Essie. I don’t know why all of a sudden I’ve been buying tons of Essie. I think it’s because they are becoming much more adventurous with their collections. Can you remember when Essie was all about really blah pastels? I like pastels, but I need variety too!


Jessica is another brand that I’m enjoying more of lately as well. These are such dark colors that will look awesome this fall. I don’t really adhere to seasonal colors so I’ll wear whatever I want, whenever I want.


And lastly, I got some cuticle oil to keep on my nightstand. I have really been neglecting my cuticles lately, and they have been looking super gross.


I’m trying to decide what to do with my nails right now. I just accidentally smashed my middle finger with a sliding glass window so I’m dreading the idea of possibly losing my nail and having to wait for it to grow out and all that. It was so painful that I thought I saw little stars like in cartoons when someone gets hit by an anvil.  Well, since there is a lot of sunlight right now, I’d better get my mani done so I can take some decent pictures of it.

A Dong

Suddenly it’s getting hella hot here in So Cal. I really despise summer so I’m not happy about it.  I was working myself up this morning so I just went for a long drive to get my mind off stuff. I was going to get a haircut but I forgot that my hairdresser doesn’t work on Tuesdays. My pixie-like cut has really grown out! It’s still in that stupid in between length where I can’t do anything with it so I was just going to get it all chopped off again.

On my drive, I ended up in Little Saigon again. I really love that area because it makes me feel like I’m not even in California anymore. I found 3 new beauty supply stores but they weren’t all that. One of the stores was pretty big and I just wanted to look around. The owner was following me around and giving me the evil eye like I was going to steal. I can understand that store owners experience a lot of shoplifting, but can’t they be a little more discreet about it? I was pretty annoyed and left without purchasing anything. I really don’t want to give my money to a store where the owners follow me around as if I was a thief.

I haven’t been inside this place yet but I drove by it today and it looks pretty cool.


I also saw this place:

I really tried to be mature, but it made me giggle.

I’m going to try one of my Layla holos and will post some pics later.

Burrito Saturday

My nail polish burritos arrived today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was my first Cult Nails purchase and I am super impressed with how quickly everything arrived considering that I ordered during their $5 sale. I can only imagine how crazy things were for them so I am beyond impressed at this point with their service. I can’t wait to wear them. I also love their attention to detail with the cute burrito wrapping and how they label each individual polish. Wow!

I also got my Layla holos which I was NOT expecting this quickly. I purchased them from Whole Goods Market on

Don’t you just love it when you get things when you weren’t expecting them?


I am trying to figure out how to do my nails right now. I’m meeting up with my two oldest girlfriends whom I’ve known since elementary/jr. high. I love that we’ve stayed friends for so long. Even when we lose touch, we pick up right were we left off. We’re going out to dinner to celebrate a birthday and then we are doing karaoke. Wooot! I love karaoke.

I am happy that a simple thing like nail polish can put me in a good mood. Hooray for burrito Saturday, and I hope you all have a nice weekend too.

Vintage China Glaze

Because I’ve been feeling like freaking shit I went out to get my mind off things and of course I ended up going to one of my nail places to check out some of the old nail polishes I had seen on another trip. I really feel that at this point, I am a nail polish collector so I get excited when I see old stuff. I was wondering if these nail polishes would even be useable without adding some thinner, but I honestly didn’t care because I just wanted them for the bottles.

Here are the two that I picked up:




I love how weird these bottles look compared to the current China Glaze bottles. I think these collections are around 10 years old and when I opened up the bottles, they kind of smelled like death.

I Joined A Cult…

Cult Nails, that is! Today I made my first Cult Nails purchase because they are having a $5 sale on their polishes. They are normally $10 each so that is a great discount. You are limited to only three polishes which kinda sucks, but I’m happy nonetheless. I ordered  My Kind of Cool Aid, Manipulative and Vicious. I can’t wait to get my new babies in the mail.

That’s all I have to say right now. Happy joy, joy!



If you are beauty products junkie, I am sure that you are very familiar with Sephora. I received their VIB invite in the mail the other day so I made my way over there for the sample bag and free umbrella. I was glad that the event was an all day thing because when they start these things at 6:30, the place turns into a clusterfuck. Am I the only one who was a little peeved that this time around they only gave a 15% discount instead of the usual 20%? Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate any discount but that along with the super shitty 100 and 500pt perks, I am not as loyal to Sephora as I used to be. If you’re not familiar with Sephora’s loyalty program, you get 1pt for every dollar that you spend. If you spend $350.00 or more in a calendar year, you become a VIB which is supposed to come with a lot of perks. Not so much anymore. I didn’t really need anything so I just went to browse. Actually, I wanted to get some concealer but apparently they don’t carry it in store anymore so I will have to get it online. I ended up purchasing a few things anyway.

I got the nails inc set because it was on sale for $10 which is a pretty good deal considering each polish is $9.50 on its own. I’ve never really tried the sephora brand nail polish but the color is so pretty. It’s a tangerine orange with fine gold microshimmer. Lastly, I picked up my favorite daytime moisturizer.

Now, for the free goodies:

Samples: Sephora Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara, Givenchy Mister Light Instant Light Corrective Pen, Especially Escada Solid Fragrance, Boscia BB Cream, Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara and Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo/Conditioner.

How cute is this umbrella? (Yes, I was watching I Love Lucy. lol) I’m glad they gave umbrellas this time rather than totes. I must have a billion Sephora totes already!

If you’re a VIB you can take advantage of the 15% discount in-store and online through April 6, 2012. The online code is CHICVIB.

Happy shopping!

Things That Bug Me

I’ve been checking out a lot of different blogs lately. I genuinely enjoy reading little snippets of people’s lives. Inevitably, we talk a lot about personal lives whether we are blogging about books, food, nail polish or any other topic. I tend to share a lot of personal stuff because I have diarrhea of the mouth…or fingers…online. I don’t overshare with people in real life because I am 100 times more guarded and like to keep my drama to myself. In looking at other blogs, mostly nail blogs, there is one thing that absolutely drives me bananas. Ok, are you ready for it? I really, really hate when people (cause I have seen a few guys running nail blogs) post nail looks or swatches and their fingers look like they accidentally went through a food processor. I’m talking about those people with hang nails the size of 2 x 4’s who don’t even bother to trim them or anything. Can you please not take a close up pictures of that? Or even worse, seeing pictures of people’s nails when it is painfully obvious that they are nail bitters and you can see the misshapen nails and even some bloody finger tips. Oh Lord…please don’t let me wander onto those blogs again. Am I being mean? I don’t think so. I know my blog isn’t perfect. Sometimes my cuticles are kinda gross but at least I try to fix them up a bit before posting pictures. Hey, maybe those people just don’t care…and that’s their right. And by the way, I used to be a prodigious nail-bitter so I know how horrible that habit is. I also used to bite and rip my cuticles until my fingers were bloody. In order to kick that nervous habit, I wore acrylic nails for about a year. It really did help because I wasn’t able to bite my nails nor my cuticles anymore.

I am also starting to hate the amount of spam comments that I get on my blog nowadays. What’s up with that? WordPress does a pretty darn good job of filtering all the rubbish out but it still annoys the crap out of me. As if I didn’t get enough spam in my email about how to enlarge my penis, buy viagra and meet singles in my area! I keep wondering how I got on those spam lists to begin with. It’s probably from watching porn…uhm, I mean make up tutorials. *cough*

So anyway, that’s just a little rant cause I can’t fall asleep.

Look Carefully Before You Purchase

I learned a lesson today: don’t get so excited when you see nail polish you want that you neglect to look at the bottles closely. I was excited to check out the new OPI New York Ballet Collection in person but when I saw the Jessica display next to it, I squealed. I grabbed the three Jessica polishes that are the dupes of Chanel’s Fall 2011 line and picked up two OPI bottles. Well, when I got home I realized that I took two bottles of the same polish from the Jessica display so I’m missing one of the trio. Thankfully, my nail polish place told me I could exchange it so I’m heading over there tomorrow. So yeah, I’m retarded.


So this is what I got today:

OPI: Pirouette My Whistle and My Pointe Exactly

Jessica: Smoky Feather and Iridescent Eye


I’ll swatch these sometime soon. Aren’t they pretty?!

I’ve Hit The Motherload!

Not satisfied with my Sally Hansen loot, I decided to call up my go-to beauty supply store to hound them again about when they are going to get the China Glaze Hunger Games Collection. They know my voice by now…oh yes, they do. They hear it in their nightmares ever since I bugged them about the Nicki Minaj and Holland collections. Well, guess what?

I wanted to steal the display. I was so excited that I was sweating like a whore in church…or maybe that was just my blood sugar? Anyway, I was super happy when they told me they had just received the collection. I jumped in my car and confronted rush hour traffic.

How awesome is the model on the display? She’s wearing some of those paper eyelashes that I was tempted to try but I couldn’t swallow the price…for paper eyelashes! Maybe I can start dressing like Effie Trinket in every day life. How about that?

Now I am itching to wear all these colors and I want to re-read the three books even though I just finished them. Are you looking forward to The Hunger Games movie? I am!!!!!

Which color grabs your attention the most? Oh, and please rest assured, my beauty supply store friends. You won’t hear from me for a while or until the next “can’t wait to get my hands on collection.”  So I’ll call you next week.